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WWF-Australia Releases a Blockchain-based Supply Chain Tool

The World Wildlife Fund-Australia has officially announced through their Twitter account the release of OpenSC, a supply chain platform partnered with BCG Digital Ventures (BCGDV) on January 17, 2019. The said platform will utilize blockchain for consumers and businesses easier tracking of food items.

BCGDV serves as the investment arm of the Boston Consulting Group, a United States-based global corporate investment company.

The OpenSC platform will use a unique blockchain code to provide convenience for both businesses and consumer to track production and product origin respectively.

The platform utilizes and activates QR codes to tag businesses’ products. All companies’ products agreed to be included on the OpenSC will be connected to a blockchain platform to check and trace their included items. The said blockchain tool would let consumers discover the products’ origin by scanning the QR code given.

The purpose of this initiative is to allow consumers to be more knowledgeable about what they buy and where it came from. It will give them insights if they are making the right or ethical choice in purchasing food products. Moreover, it will also provide them with information about the processes businesses make to harvest or create their product.

The OpenSC gives transparency to every consumer and in return, corporations will no longer use the supply chain complexities to deceive the market with their improper sourcing and indecorous manufacturing procedures.

The said transparency is also second by Dermot O’Gorman, WWF-Australia’s CEO. In the company’s press release, the executive ensures that the platform can help consumers to know if the food they purchase and eat has a contributing effect to the environmental challenges the global market face today.

Also, O’Gorman also warrants that OpenSC can help track social injustice and other human rights issues like slavery by corporations in the industry.

The OpenSC will have a dry run with the world leaders at the World Economic Forum to be held in Davos, Switzerland next week. Global leaders will get the chance to explore and try the platform to see how viable it will be for consumers and businesses.  

This effort will help leaders to be encouraged in putting sustainable food choices at the top of their priority especially this year 2019.

Moving forward, the OpenSC is subject to go beyond food and add other product coverage such as timber, palm oil, and the like. In this advocacy for sustainability, it is not impossible that these efforts will help yonder from food. Other products will soon be covered as well.

WWF-Australia through OpenSC wants to advocate and inspire the global community to practice and achieve sustainable living. Such will be made through the right food choices and appropriate business’ practices in sourcing and manufacturing.  

Back in November 2018, Ethereum blockchain (ETH) was also utilized by a Swiss food manufacturing company to track its fish products. A first for ETH.

Blockchain-based supply chain tools are gaining popularity and improvement today because the benefits they offer to the public. Thus, tracking and duly utilization of technology has showcased practicality and convenience not just for consumers, but also for corporations.

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