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Those investors prefer the Ethereum (ETH) rather Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Question: “Bitcoiners, someone gives you 10k USD. Would you rather hold it for 5years as ETH, BCH, and USD or just spend it?”

As far Digital assets are concerned, it is showing as if most supporters would go with ETH than BCH, from Twitter social media result, reveal the ETH which has 69 percent of voters compared to 11 percent of Bitcoin cash. Roger Ver, CEO disagreed that Bitcoin cash price would surpass to Ethereum, but bitcoin controversial “Bitcoin Jesus” didn’t stop from there. His asserts that BCH is better placed and gain global recognition much faster on Ethereum and more on Bitcoin.

Beyond the result, Bitcoin cash in Q1 2019 was very impressive and perform very well, and it surged, expanding for five folds after bottoming in Dec 2018, when $75 crashed on that spot rates, the coin trading above $270 happened to be the top 10 performing coins, which perhaps a trigger to the demand and was not recovering the bitcoin prices but only the introduction to

the Bitcoin cash saying:

“We began to onboard Kraken users … [and] that’s basically given us better exposure to the communities around Litecoin and Bitcoin cash, and I think what we’re seeing is those communities have a pretty strong interest in trading derivatives for Litecoin and Bitcoin cash, respectively. The volumes have gone up pretty appreciably”

Comparing the Ethereum (ETH) between Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

We all know that Ethereum placed in second largest cryptocurrency, as far as market cap is concerned, and its enthusiasts claim, which it can only rival by BTC in terms of the importance of the cryptocurrencies. But because Ethereum brings up the blockchain table, the crypto has moved from its purest crypto marketing and investing to unleash the applications and give solutions based off the internet. If there is anything, it is the development platform that has stayed true on its calling to bring up the revolution of the blockchain.

We thank Vitalik and also the founders’ improvement of the core, which the platform is the to – go to network for a smart projects contract, Despite the competition Ethereum is facing, it has the uniqueness and therefore held also its ground against the gush competing altcoins. And at the same time, Ethereum (ETH) is on way for growth breaking its previous resistance level of $150 and still would likely close to $200 in days ahead. Ethereum bulls saying that comparing between ETH and BCH is comparing to apples and oranges, in obvious reasons. At the first glance, they were both desirable assets but Ethereum is more than in development platform as aforementioned which its native currency, ETH is a utility than a textbook defining a currency, It’s like bitcoin cash is a fork of bitcoin but with different ideas on their best way scale. Though fast with plans of Schnorr integrating signatures and improving the privacy and the strong hard forking in days ahead. Bitcoin cash has its long way before catching up or replaces even the bitcoin on its valuable coin.

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