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Survey: Americans prefer Bitcoin and Ethereum to Facebook Coin

According to a recent survey, Americans prefer Facebook coin to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The media buzz around virtual currency has changed, and virtual currencies are moving quietly towards stabilization and legitimacy. Facebook worked its way into the space of the cryptocurrency. It has worked on its digital coin that can be used by its users to send to each other. The currency will also allow users to make online and on the Facebook marketplace purchases.

With over 1.5 million active users a day, there is endless potential for Facebook virtual currency to meet the needs of its customers. An exciting trend is emerging in a survey, and customers who have never invested in cryptocurrency would be interested in investing in the virtual currency of Facebook . A recent LendEDU survey reveals that adult Americans may not be so interested in the crypto market or assets it provides. However, many look forward to the Facebook announced stablecoin launch.

An interesting survey has recently been conducted by a New Jersey-based website that allows consumers to compare loans for different goals, including studies or businesses. It shows a great interest in the announced ‘ Facebook Coin. ‘Adult Americans seem to prefer stablecoin that is still unreleased to invest in such popular crypto-assets as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other cryptocurrencies. Full results were published in the blog of the company.

In 2019, the crypto market, big names are stepping into numerous analysts, financial gurus, and investors promise that 2019 will be much happier for the crypto industry. Indeed, Bitcoin has made some major gains over the past few weeks, peaking recently at the $8,000 level and pulling the entire market up the charts.

Several major companies, which previously considered Bitcoin and other crypto fraud or a bubble, changed their minds in 2019 and are currently working on or even launching their own digital coins. The JP Morgan banking giant that has now fired its own JPM Coin is a good example here.

Facebook is another big name about to enter the crypto market.

All eyes on’ Facebook Coin’ Despite the current turmoil on the crypto market, Bitcoin exceeding $8,000 and now falling back in a correction, many people, whose minds are far away from it, seem to be keen on the stablecoin announced by the giant of social media.

The LendEDU survey was conducted on 1,000 adult U.S. citizens and found that about 7% have ever invested in crypto, such as Bitcoin or other virtual assets. 18 percent, however, are interested in investing in ‘Facebook Coin’ because it may have great practical potential.

User-based Facebook totals more than 1.5 bln people. Many respondents said that not only will the ‘ FB Coin ‘ be used for remittance via WhatsApp to India, but in the future it is more likely to transform the marketplaces of Facebook.

People are currently buying and selling goods on Facebook in numerous groups, and survey participants believe that’ FB Coin’ will be actively used for this and other purposes within the social network.

Furthermore, 57 percent of respondents chose a response that implies that they trust Facebook to launch a better crypto coin on the market than other virtual assets. The blog post LendEDU says: Facebook has the ability to tap into a significant percentage of Americans (and their bank accounts) who have alluded to the biggest virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Our data appears to indicate that this is largely due to the powerful brand of Facebook.

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