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Peculium ICO Review

The Peculium ICO is a unique project and more so because they are developing the first savings management platform using Artificial Intelligence and Automated Machine Learning targeting the entire cryptocurrency market — and it has all the potential to become an indispensable utility for cryptocurrency users, traders, and investors.

Before we start with our Peculium ICO review it would be worth mentioning that unlike other ICOs, Peculium has already conducted a successful ICO in which they raised $ 8.1 million USD, and have since been delivering ahead of time, developing what they promised. Peculium organized their ICO in three phases including the private sale offering 5% of created tokens, the main ICO in the last quarter of 2017 offering 25% of the created tokens, and it was followed by CCO (Continued Coin Offering) in 2018 which offered 55% over a period of 6 months starting March 2018. However, as the markets since February became bearish, following the turmoil past the price dip in major cryptocurrencies, investors became indifferent to new investments — owing to factors well known — it had its impact on the CCO too. The peculium team has restructured the ICO process and they paused the CCO of July and burnt unsold tokens allocated in other months to protect the interest of all investors.

Now, they are launching the last token sale period as an ICO, and have made it an open to all event inviting investors from across the spectrum to become a part of this fascinating project. So, let’s start with this comprehensive Peculium ICO review and analysis and explore what peculium is all about, how they are creating the first AI-based savings management platform for cryptocurrency market, and find answers to why you should be looking at this upcoming ICO.

What is Peculium Creating?

Over the years the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies have surged at an incredible pace and as of today, it lingers around the $300 billion thresholds. Also, crypto trading has emerged as a hot favorite of all young, individual, and institutional investors as it has demonstrated to offer lucrative returns. And, like most trading, trading in cryptocurrencies has its own challenges and managing an investment portfolio is a tough cake. As a cryptocurrency user that’s not difficult to understand, is it ? The markets are unpredictable, the volatility can be a nightmare for any cryptocurrency investor.

But, this is where Peculium comes in the picture as they are developing a unique savings management platform for Cryptocurrency users and investors which will not only make their investments in cryptocurrencies ultra secure but will also help them grow faster with strategic investments guided by their Artificial Intelligence Algorithm, AIEVE. Moreover, catering to a range of cryptocurrency investors and traders helping them with their cryptocurrency investment portfolios, Peculium will offer three products categorically targeting all cryptocurrency investors.

What Is AIEVE And How It Helps Minimize Risk?

Peculium AIEVE — what is it?

Peculium’s AIEVE combines big data analytics with Blockchain and capitalizing on advanced machine learning it provides users with the best algorithm for any data which in this case is targeting the cryptocurrency market. This is particularly challenging as the cryptocurrency market data is constantly evolving and changing. To solve this issue AIEVE provides real-time analysis to make it more accurate which translates to better results for investors using Peculium products. It helps users make better investment decisions.

Peculium Product Release Roadmap

Peculium Product Release Roadmap

Our financial advisor AIΞVEtakes trading positions in the crypto- markets providing the best risk-benefit ratio. At the end of the predefined contract period, the smart-contract automatically returns a predefined portion of gains to the investor

The AIEVE has three versions: a) AskEve — it provides forecasts on top 14 cryptocurrencies every minute and allows users to execute trade manually. The peculium team has already developed this version and it is up and live, b) Myeve — It will be an advanced version of Myeve and will allow personalized trading, c) Believe — This version will be released in 2019 for public.

Not One Box Fits ALL — Peculium Offers Three Different Products

Providing specific products to match the portfolio size and requirements of varied cryptocurrency traders and investors Peculium offers three distinct products helping them grow and manage their investment portfolios. SINGULUS, which is self-managed and is developed to cater to individual investors. It allows users to benefit from the AIEVE advice and provides the flexibility to choose their preferred risk level, sector and more. For companies and institutions, Peculium offers ALTERUS which provides more control and flexibility and Solidus which is a highly advanced product offering over 137 algorithms features and thus providing unbeatable security and charged growth.

Peculium’s BELIEVE: Advanced Accuracy For Maximum Returns

Peculium’s BELIEVE underlying their product SOLIDUS is expected to revolutionize cryptocurrency trading and while it is to be launched for public in 2019 they have already developed the functional prototype. With over 137 featured algorithm BELIEVE will trade automatically and will be ideal for big corporations and institutional investors helping them manage their investment portfolios. Confident about the performance of BELIEVE Peculium team has an exceptional offer for all investors. Their product SOLIDUS that is powered by their advanced technology BELIEVE will auto-trade in Binance, a popular cryptocurrency exchange from september 8. As a part of the initial offer Peculium is offering their first 220 investors investing $10k or more an exclusive offer to get at least 50% of AIEVE’s profit earnings per month for six months.

Peculium ICO Details

Peculium’s platform is powered by unique Pecul tokens which are ERC 20 tokens developed on top of Ethereum’s blockchain. The total supply of tokens is limited to 20,000,000,000.The tokens are fully transferable and exchangeable. Peculium’s “Pecul” tokens can be used for a range of purposes on the platform including payment for the purchase of Peculium’s products and services and more.

Brief Background to the ICO process

Peculium ICO process

The entire token distribution process commencing 1 Nov 2017, was segmented into three phases including Private sale, Crowd sale and Continued Coin Offering (CCO).

A total of 85% of the total token supply is made available for private sale, crowdsale and CCO. 5% of the tokens were reserved for private sale, 25% for the Crowdsale and the remaining 55% were to be distributed through the CCO starting March 2018. However, as mentioned after a successful private sale and crowdsale, the Peculium team has restructured their CCO and have announced one ICO which is to be there last ICO sale.

The Current Peculium ICO

The current ICO offers a total of 4.25 Billion Pecul Tokens with a hard cap of 20,275,000€. While the price of Pecul tokens is floored at 0,005€, in case the prices soar they will be fixed at the previous day’s best price. The tokens can be claimed after one month of purchase.

The participants will also get a Bonus of up to 35% depending upon the number of months to claim the tokens since the validation order date. The minimum investment required to participate in the is 50 €.While the proceeds from the ICO will be used to develop the products and features, the peculium team will also develop the first supercomputer dedicated to the Blockchain ecosystem which will have a high computational power for more accurate forecasts diminishing unnecessary costs and making the process more scalable.

The Peculium Team

Peculium has a big, diverse and specialized team along with their region wise ambassadors. Spearheading the Peculium team is Rachid Oukhai, who has a twenty-year long experience in data processing, data analytics, and has been working on concrete applications of Big Data projects within companies. Before Peculium, Rachid created Upsilon, a company specialized in data management. Their CDO Abed Ajraou is among one of the top 50 influencer and leader in data science in UK. Abed holds Master’s in Computer science with 20 years of extensive experience in Data science. With experienced industry experts in various roles Team Peculium is a well put lot driving the project forward.

Why You May Consider Investing With Peculium?

Let’s have a quick rundown of 5 important points why you may consider becoming a part of this unique and revolutionary savings management platform and participate in their ICO:

  • Peculium is developing a product that provides direct benefits to the users. As a savings management platform, it will be helping a lot of individual and institutional investors who could make their cryptocurrency investments more secure.
  • Peculium offers classified products to cater to a specific category of Cryptocurrency users and investors. That makes it reach out to a range of investors from across the spectrum.
  • They are helping the community with one of the biggest challenges facing cryptocurrency investors and traders in particular — the unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market. The project is also one of its kind combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with Blockchain.
  • Peculium has already delivered on their promises and they have their first Version of AIEVE live and running which is performing, and delivering forecasts of top 14 cryptocurrencies every minute with precise accuracy. They have a tidy roadmap with well-defined plans for the future.
  • The final ICO is open to all and they have some great bonus to offer for investors that claim tokens at a later date from validation. Also, the minimum to participate in Peculium ICO is just 50 €.

The Peculium ICO Verdict

Companies that offer products which have proven and articulate utility have always been at the forefront. Peculium is very well oriented in their business model and when it comes to choosing the market they are developing a uniquely innovative product which will definitely provide value to its users/subscribers. As a savings management platform — one of its kind in cryptocurrency market — it has an immense potential to evolve and expand. More and more institutional investors are getting into cryptocurrencies, and that is a strong indicator of the fact that Peculium has brilliant prospects. Furthermore, they have already done a successful ICO raising $8.1 millions and have developed a functional product true to its purpose. One cannot deny that Peculium in all probabilities can be a game changer.

To know more about the Peculium ICO please refer to their Litepaper here.To participate in the Peculium ICO and know more about their products visit their website here.

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