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PChain: The Next Great Hope? Or Hype?

PChain is a smart-contract platform that bears similarities to Ethereum or NEO. It provides a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm that aims to pave the way for high transaction throughput for DApps established upon the platform.

This project is looking to bind Ethereum smart contract ‘srange of capabilities with Bitcoin to deliver faster transaction phases. Should this be attained, it would elevate scalability.

To give you a clearer perspective of this particular project, you can take a gander at its blockchain

To get a big picture view of PChain, you have to take a glance at its blockchain contenders. This includes Zilliqa, EOS, ICON, EdenChain, YGGDrash, Wanchain and Dragonchain just to mention a few of the more prominent ones in this space.

What you’ll indeed notice is that these performed above and beyond expectations for the reason that you can work on top of their platforms. This in turn, gives them a lot of value.

PChain is an innovative system that bears native support for multi-chain applications. This makes large-scale blockchain applications entirely feasible. The people behind PChain are looking to offer the next step in scalable, interoperable and sharding solutions.

At the helm of this ambitious project is Dr. Feng Jeff Cao, a man that boasts of an incredible amount of experience in the Chinese blockchain sector. He is the man behind the 1st International Blockchain patent from China. He is also the co-Founder of ChinaLedger, the most compelling blockchain alliance of China. And as of that was not enough, Dr. Cao also has 22 papers in the realm of ACM/IEE along with more than 30 patents worldwide.

Simply put, this is a man of the highest distinction when talking about blockchain.

His team follows in his mold as well, with members that range from a Master of Computer Science, to a Senior software engineer, to an expert of core blockchain technologies and a co-chair of the patent review board in IBM Research China.

In spite of this veritable team of experts, the question that begs to be asked is how will PChain do in China’s nascent blockchain market? We think it will do just fine. Why? Because the industry is still slowly shaping up and with the kind of sharding, scaling and interoperability solutions that PChain has, the market is definitely ripe for the taking.

Those said, PChain is an utterly fascinating project that everyone in this space should keep an eye out for. This could be a major player in blockchain for years to come.

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