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Bitcoin value could decline under $1,000. Here’s what Warren Buffett suggests

2018 was quite a challenging year for Bitcoin. As 2019 is expected to be the year of recovery, Bitcoin’s value has declined to at least 80% presently since its all-time spark of nearly $20,000 in the last quarter of 2017. Investors are putting a halt on buying due to the lack of confidence in the crypto trading. Due to this weakening demand for investments, Bitcoin’s value can decrease to $1,000 or under.

While this would be a turn-off for some, investors see it as an opportunity to buy more Bitcoin. The said fall in its value could also mean recovery after.

Warren Buffett, an investor, and an American Business magnate have made it obvious his stand about Bitcoins ever since it was starting. His negative stance about the cryptocurrency in recent years also made an impact with other investors.

For Buffett, it is definitely possible to prevent the risks of investing in Bitcoins today. As an alternative, investors can benefit mainly to the potential revenues from FTSE 100 and invest in a broader stock market. This way, stockholders can assure there are returns with every cent.

What Buffett strongly suggest for investors is to sell their underperforming stocks. While this could be contrary for some investors in the market, the business magnate believes that there should be no fear in selling out shares that are not doing well if there are other greater investment opportunities somewhere else.

Buffett thinks that it is better to jump off from a sinking ship instead of fixing it, especially if there are better prospects or breaks elsewhere.

Bitcoin investors may be thinking if the digital trading market is still viable for them. Other believe that it is a normal cycle that the stocks are going through like the usual. Some investors are confident that there are a better recovery and increase in value that is next.

Bitcoin relatively trades in a lower price compared to how it was 18 months prior. Its current underperformance could also be influenced by the risks in the world economy, rising interest rates mandated by the United States (U.S.), and scanty U.S. and China relations.

Though there are challenges faced by the cryptocurrency market, there are still better opportunities that investors should be aware of. The hope that all of these will be followed by a market retrieval or better buying prospects should also be looked upon.

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