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Bitcoin Core 0.18.0 Release; are you ready?

Bitcoin Core version 0.18.0 released last May 02, 2019 and it is now available for download containing several bug fixes and minor improvements.

Bitcoin Core 0.18.0 is the 18th generation launched by a Japanese named Satoshi Nakamoto who developed for almost 10 years ago. Several months ago when Bitcoin 0.18.0 the client successfully modified at improving efficiency of BTC mining and included changes in favor of Segwit’s adoption, including the typical range of performance improvement and bug fixes and some new features.

It allows the users to connect hardware wallet like trezor, ledger, digital bitbox, keepkey and coldcard, combines the secure ways in storing the private keys with most secure way to interact with the blockchain,

Considered hardware wallets is secured because the private keys are never exposed to the internet or even computer considering that they are connected makes the hardware wallets immune in hacking. Now a days HWI scripts are still in line in manual process which is required to connect hardware wallet.

In advancement in the latest update is allowing the users the capability in pairing when it comes with multiple wallets, it builds off of some work done by the bitcoin core 0.17.0 which is the users are no longer constrained in creating wallets when it comes on starting up their node, instead create and use new wallets as long as they like.

This kind of feature will be continue to refined with the later updates, which are still some know problem in using GUI just to access the multiwallet. You can’t used coin control loaded with multiple wallets, or else you will consider to retain the wrong wallet in attempting to switch wallets.

The function of coin control allows the user to control which coins to use when you want to send a transaction. The important aspect in maintaining the privacy of the user unspent transaction outputs which reveal more than others, its either by the they sent from the amount.

Proposed by Pieter Wuille who is the Blockstream engineer and also a Bitcoin core contributor, output script descriptors language new product in Bitcoin 0.17.0. Using this language its allowing the users to name the different types of public keys and private keys from wallet to another, the ultimate goal of Wuille is to remove the need from importing scripts and the entirely keys, instead make the wallet be listed in descriptors and their metadata.

Getblocktemplate (GBT) attempt decentralized, open source bitcoin mining pool protocol and developed the bitcoin community in 2012,

BetterHash protocol, GBT decentralized the process in returning power back to the miner by moving block creation to him.

Consider that if were a miner joining a supported pool, to start using protocol, miners contacts the pool server and request an initial template which are included the rules set down for participation in the pool, the rules customized by the mining pool range from coinbase and nonce parameters to max / min the times of hashing.

The major changes resulting from Segwit fixing the malleability bug by replacing the block size limit and weight limit, and allow up to 4mb of data transaction, and was giving substantial boost transaction capacity network.

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