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Best ICO to invest in 2019

2017 has been a year of ICO, keeping more and more new ICO names in the newspapers and smashing the total money raised by ICO in previous years several times. Of course, the crowdsale practice is only at its beginning, and 2019 promises to rocket the ICO numbers to new horizons. Being a good ground for new companies to gather funds for their ambitious projects, ICO also arouses interest among investors as those are becoming a good investment more often. How to find the best ICO to invest in 2019 if you’re just hopping on the train?

ICOpicker picks the best ICO to invest in 2019!

How to choose an ICO to invest in

Apart from any specialized ICO rating website, there are some criteria you can use to choose some of the top ICO in 2019, some of them are obvious, others are less obvious but still very useful.

First and foremost, the idea is the most important part of a project. It should solve problems of lots of people or businesses, which probably will be also interested in an investment. Naturally, if the idea is fresh, it may pop out, if not — some ICO with the same idea probably have already failed, and the new ones definitely will fail as well.

Take a look at the website. A qualitative ICO website will be bespoke, and not based on an off-the-shelf CMS like WordPress, and will be hosted on a secure hosting (look for https protocol) and will have all required information just within a few clicks.

The top ICO website in 2019 should contain such essential information like the team behind the project, it’s roadmap (the more realistic, the better), link to a well designed white paper, with unique text. If you run it through a text analysis tools and find a copy paste — the project is one step closer to scam.

Nowadays, most great ICO have an up and running MVP which allows potential investors and users to test the basic functionality of offered solution before investment. An MVP shows serious intentions and that the development of the product is already started, so your investment will give you some result and is not worthless at all.

As almost any blockchain-based product, ICO should be completely transparent. One should easily view the ICO smart contract source code and address to recheck all the movements on the crowdsale wallet and detect possible fraud. Viewing the source code will also help to see token vesting for the team members for half a year or even more. Unlike the regular investors, who will receive their tokens right away, good teams lock theirs for some time as an insurance of their concentrated work on the project at least for the sake of keeping the token exchange rates high to the moment they will be able to change tokens to actual money.

Most successful ICOs have a strong team behind them, as well as recognized advisors and well-established partners. Their media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram should be active and have many followers.

Finally, you should be interested in the token listing on the exchanges. You want to sell them after some time, after all! Best 2019 ICO tokens are often listed on exchanges before trading to sow the intention, sometimes even before the ICO itself, if there is a pre-agreement. That’s the case with good ICO and you should also keep an eye on that.

Best ICO 2019: ICO rating

The 2019 has only started, with even more ICOs appearing out there. Of course, it is to soon to come up with an ICO rating for this year, but we will start it with the top ICO 2019 and will expand the list on a constant basis.

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