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Beginners Guide to Cryptohopper Trading Bot: Complete Review

Cryptohopper is an automatic cryptocurrency trading bot that is created to help abridge the crypto trading activity by trading on your behalf by using automated trading algorithms, and it also assists traders both newbies and experienced alike to make the most of their trading opportunities, increases their profits and lessen the probability of losses. Its algorithm is specifically and carefully created to accommodate the technical indicators that are picked by the trader.

There are quite a lot of cryptocurrency trading bots available like 3commas, but it can be a bit tricky and confusing to use, especially if you’re using it for the first time. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a pro at programming or possess any technological skills in order to use Crytopper because it prides itself as “easy to use”. Its goal is to provide an easy to use service to make it easier for the traders to trade to a lot of cryptocurrencies without the human frailties. Truly, investing in cryptocurrency and trading has never been so much easier!

Cryptohopper Overview

The crypto trading platform, Cryptohopper was started by two brothers from the Netherlands. One brother is a successful trader, and the other is an intelligent web developer. With their knowledge, experiences, and skills combined, they were able to create Cryptohopper with the goal to make a bot that trades automatically for the trader, compatible with a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges through an API, functions 24/7, and most importantly, trades a variety of coins. The domain was registered in July 2017.

There are over 75,000 users subscribing to external signals.

At present, Cryptohopper is compatible with up to 75 cryptocurrencies and nine major exchanges such as the following:

  • Binance
  • Bitfinex 
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Cryptopia
  • Huobi
  • Kraken
  • Kucoin
  • Poloniex

Cryptohopper Features

As you will be working with Cryptohopper, it is best to have in-depth knowledge about its features to build trust with the bot knowing the fact that it will work. Here is a list of some of their features that makes Cryptohopper unique from other trading bots:

Functionality – It works as a web-based solution and fortunately for many, its features are simple to use and understand. Traders can let the bot automatically trade anytime while the bot uses social and algorithmic trading to ensure success.

Impressive Technology – The automated trading occurs through API integration with a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges and the service can be applied on all kinds of device as long as it’s connected to the internet. You can use a phone, a laptop, a computer, or even a tablet.

Variety of Tools – The platform has a variety of good trading tools and has features like back testing tools for bot, downloadable and editable templates, customizable technical indicators, and a lot more. Basically, they have a lot of tools to offer!

Exchange Integration – At present, Cryptohopper is compatible with 9 cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase Pro, Cryptopia, Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, Bitfinex, Kraken, Kucoin, and Poloniex. Support for BitFlyer, Bitstamp, CEX.IO, Cobinhood, and HitBTC is also timetabled to come in the near future.

Customer Support – They have a support team that is free to help you in dealing with any issues that you may have. You can contact the team by passing a support ticket that can be found in the Support Section. Apart from that, they can also be contacted through their Social Media account like Twitter and Facebook, or their Telegram group. You can also find a lot of FAQs and tutorials that might help you in the Support section to help you use the platform. To add, they also have a Cryptohopper Academy video library that is of course, produced by the team.

Cryptohopper Account Signup

Creating an account is easy, it’s something anyone can do. All you have to do is go on the main page that has a “Sign up” tab in green at the very top of the page.

1) Create an Account

First: Open the website and fill all the necessary information such as your name, your email, the username of your choice, and a strong password (because we want to be extra secure and careful, don’t we?) so you can move to the next phase which is to register.

After doing so, proceed to confirm your email account by clicking the activation link in the email and then you can finally have access to the dashboard.

2) Setup your Account

Now it’s time to set up your account. Follow the wizard to help you configure your hopper quickly. After, choose an exchange that you prefer and then design the bot with that exchange’s API keys and set up basic hopper configurations. It’s very easy and straight to the point, but you can also watch tutorials if you are having a difficult time following the instructions or if you want to have more information about the steps.

After, you can now begin using your hopper. You will have access to a lot of features that you can find on the dashboard, subscribe to signals, construct templates, and start back testing the bot. You can even set two-factor authentication for extra security on your account.

3) Sign up to Signallers

The platform allows traders to sign up to professional external signals, and the signaler service is done by traders with a lot of experience who are looking for good signs of an upward move. 

There are two kinds of subscriptions available: free and paid.

What’s great about signalers is that they have an easy and accessible report on performance and you can also track their profitability. 

Cryptohopper Pricing

Cryptohopper has 3 main pricing plans, but they also allow members to try using the “free trial” for a month, or what is commonly called the “explorer” plan.

It is worth noting that this “free trial” for a monthly service does not require any payment details, but once it ends, the Cryptohopper is immediately disabled, leaving the users with the choice to not use the service or buy the full subscription.

The plans for anyone who chooses to sign up are as follows:

Explorer Hopper Starter ($19 Per Month)

80 positions

Maximum of 15 selected coins

Max 2 triggers

Running time every 10 minutes

Basic Support

Adventure Hopper Medium ($49 Per Month)

200 positions

Maximum of 50 selected coins

Max 5 triggers

Running time every 5 minutes

Extended Support

Hero Hopper Pro ($99 Per Month)

500 positions

Maximum of 75 selected coins

Max 10 triggers

Running time every 2 minutes


First line support

You can choose between paying per month or buying the service for an entire 12 months or a year, but keep in mind that Cryptohopper does not give refunds and that users should make the most of the free trial they offer before considering to get the subscription.

Is Cryptohopper really Beginner Friendly?

Although there are numerous trading bots available out there that are specifically designed for experienced traders, what makes Cryptohopper different from them is that its features are aimed at beginners. For example, it has a Hopper Academy for all members that let anyone have access to a video library or tutorials that discusses the ways to use Cryptohopper and how it works.

The platform also has a very active community which is highly useful, most especially to beginners of the whole cryptocurrency trading. These communities are on Discord or Telegram groups available for different people with different languages such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Dutch. Through this, users most especially the newbies can converse to other traders from all over the world and learn new things from experienced traders. Now that’s what I call a healthy and active community!

Cryptohopper is designed to be easy to use which means you don’t have to have any kind of professional experience in programming or technological skills and knowledge. This platform allows comprehensive backtesting, and users can see if their configurations are working correctly by going on the platform and just checking it out and testing the setup. As it has detailed information and data, you can easily see how much you earned in the past, or how much you’re earning now so you can easily adjust the bots in order to have a bigger understanding of how the platform works by still learning and playing around with it.

How Safe is Cryptohopper?

As the platform is highly active on social media, it boosts a lot of users and they can all interact with all users of the platform both new and old users where they can talk about their comments, experience, or anything about the project.

Keep in mind that there are only a few information available online about who is or who are behind the platform or project, despite the company making the information about their company’s registered name “Cryptohopper BV, Johan van Hasseltweg 18A 1022 WV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands” public.

Traders don’t need to transfer their money to an account that’s controlled by bot developers because the bots work through an API that let them perform the trades on linked exchanges. It is requisite to give your API keys that are generated on your chosen exchanges, and these API keys restrict the bots access to your account for trading reasons.

It is worth noting that the bots do not have rights in withdrawal, and even if your account would be hacked or there would be a data breach (which is unlikely because of their impressive security system) these actors still won’t be able to have access to all your funds. The platform as a team have developed working relationships with a few of the leading exchanges of the industry, and the users can also set up a 2FA or two-factor authentication to secure their account even more.

Advantages of Cryptohopper

There are a lot of advantages in using the Cryptohopper. Although some of these advantages are similar to other bots, there are still a few advantages in which Cryptohopper is unique. Take a look! 

Simple to Learn

Like what they say, Cryptohopper is a platform for both professionals and newbies. It is easy to learn as its features are beginner friendly. It can turn trade beginners into professional traders, bringing in profits for them.


Knowing your safe and secure is very important especially in dealing with work related to cryptocurrency. Luckily, Cryptohopper gives it all in making sure that they will provide an interface that is highly secure by storing all the funds within the trading accounts on the many exchanges that it upkeeps. 


It has quite a lot of technical indicators that can be configured to reach the maximum profits. There are a lot of reasons that make this Cryptohopper a “must have”, and one of it is that you can choose to trade according to the signals that are given by the third party experts that are on the groups in social media. 

Cryptohopper Summary

Like what was previously mentioned, Cryptohopper is a trading bot that trades on automation for you using impressive trading algorithms. Once you link a hopper to a cryptocurrency exchange, you can pick from a lot of plans that the bot will apply to attempt to make a profit for you. The online dashboard let traders to simply keep track of their performance, subscribe to the best singals, and of course to see the reports of the signallers as well. 

With Cryptohopper, the traders will be able to keep track of their status history, trading history, and the price activities of around 75 cryptocurrencies. Although the service is easy to set up and quite to use among the others, it also integrates an inclusive variety of trading features such as:

Trailing stop-loss

Trailing stop-buy

Dollar Cost Averaging


Trailing stop-short

Config pools




Auto synchronize

Reserve funds

Manual buy and sell

Although Cryptohopper is an algorithmic trading bot that is simple to tweak or use, and most especially beginner friendly, the team have put huge effort in creating a platform that will be easy to use even for newbies who want to have extensive knowledge on this.

Cryptohopper is one of the best because it serves not only the experienced or professional traders, but its beginner friendly platform makes it easy for beginners to start trading as well. With all of its features that can benefit the users, it’s no wonder why it is one of the leading trading bots out there. 

Finally, this platform functions 24/7, serving as a tool for basically anyone both experienced and beginners alike to make profits by trading cryptocurrencies. So, what are you waiting for? Try Cryptohopper for yourself and see the results!

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