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AT&T The First Telecom Company to Accept Digital Currency

AT&T, a first telecommunication company based in the United States initiated its plan to accept crypto payment via Bitpay. It is a bitcoin service provider that supports a numerous number of a major altcoin.

According to a tweet made by Bitpay recently, it is understandable that AT&T collaborated with Bitpay to be the first mobile carrier that uses cryptocurrency.

Many from us might have experienced the hassle of making payment to mobile carriers using fiat currency. For an example, it is extremely troublesome for the users, especially when you have already made a payment yesterday but some of the telecommunication company failed to update your remittance into the system as soon as the payment has been made.

It is an immense relieve to some of us, particularly the busy bees that wants to get things done right on time. Great effort taken by AT&T to ensure their clients preference is fulfilled.

According to AT&T’s Vice President of Communications Finance Business Operations Kevin McDorman, they are always looking for ways to improve and expand their service no matter what it takes because they have customers who use cryptocurrency more compared to fiat currency.

Kevin Mcdorman has also said that, they are more than happy to offer them a way to pay their bills with whichever method that they find convenient.

It is unbelievable to experience how far the cryptocurrency has grown over the past years, from “it’s the most riskiest thing ever” to, be enforced as one of the legit payment method to perform transactions from where you are at.

Despite of being one of the first telecommunication company that accepts Bitcoin, Starbucks has also joined in by accepting cryptocurrency.

We can already smell the beginning of a new era where cryptocurrency going to take this world to the next new level.

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