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2021 the Year of Fresh Highs for Bitcoin (BTC)

Regardless bullish impulse, another 18 months before BTC climbs back to the time-high, regardless about of sideways marketing in the cryptocurrency markets, BTC will continued to the extent that momentum will go upwards early in April, and moved above the key of $6,000 level which many analyst view as an uncertain price level for BTC to hold it way above, though this point of level upwards momentum which is  definitely positive, in fact one industry expert share and believes that it will be another 18 months before cryptocurrency went up above its previously established all-time-highs that were set in late-2017 at roughly around $20,000.

At the time being of writing, Bitcoin is trading up over 2% at its current price of $6,050, going up significantly from its weekly lows of $5,500. Over the past months, BTC has been incurred significant upwards momentum which is showing few signs of faltering, as it goes continuously been able to climb to the higher, even in the face of fairly significant developments that would typically be deemed bearish.

In early- April this year 2019 when upwards momentum first began the BTC and it was trading to the users, in the low $4,000 region, before it was incurred remarkably buying pressure that boosted its price and went up to $5,400 at the point of it began the  trading sideways just before breaking the $6,000 late-yesterday. The CEO of Galaxy Digital and former Goldman Sachs partner, Mike Novogratz, said to CNN during the SALT conference Las Vegas, which is explaining that he was expected the BTC price to triple by 2021, that would lead it towards, its earlier established all-time-highs, and added on Novogratz speech “Out of the rubble, bitcoin has popped back up,” referencing its 2018 lows in the low-$3,000 region, further noting that it would take something like a sudden shift in regulation or a devastating crypto exchange hack to “shatter this newfound confidence.”

The BTC may struggle around $6,000 before surging higher, Novogratz was recently settled out the slightly more technical case for Bitcoin in an interview with Bloomberg, On which his explaining that he expects BTC to “struggle around $6,000” before surging remarkably gets higher. Though it remains unclear as to whether or not $6,000 region is which BTC trade sideways in nearly two months before breaking down in the middle of November to low of $3,200. Well, it is just because BTC has been returned to this price point, Novogratz described that he is more confident on cryptocurrency now than he was before.

“I feel better about Bitcoin today than I have at any time in my career,” he bullishly Novogratz said.

As BTC price action and continues to unfold it grows clearer to on which whether or not the crypto is allowed to decisively form support at the $6,000 level markets and analysts alike will likely garner exceptional insight whether or not traders are truly allowed to begin of their journey towards back their all-time highs, or even further consolidation is near.

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