Uncloak ICO Review And UNC Token Analysis


Next Generation Cyber Security Threat Management


6 months ago

Uncloak ICO About

Uncloak is the world's first blockchain powered cyber threat solution

putting businesses one step ahead of hackers.

Uncloak ICO Review

Introducing Uncloak: The future of cyber threat detection

Advanced artificial intelligence to check public & hidden internet data for “Zero Hour” cyber threats.

Next generation vulnerability cyber security scanning.

True blockchain 3.0 powered, allowing verified IT security experts worldwide to collaborate in resolving cyber threat vulnerabilities and be rewarded through a fully automated system.

Our novel approach is to create a decentralised, scalable, blockchain powered cyber security management solution that places an emphasis upon the strength of the wider community to contribute to finding vulnerabilities through a blockchain based mechanism. Uncloak will harness knowledge and expertise, aggregate it into a platform and transform it into a service for end users to purchase. This capability in Uncloak does not currently exist in the commercial market. Uncloak will build its own threat detection database by using advanced AI technology to crawl the public and private internet looking for the latest cyber security threats, which are converted into security signatures and added to the Uncloak threat detection system to check if the vulnerabilities exist across the subscribed client base networks and infrastructure. Where vulnerabilities exist, the end user will be notified immediately so that corrective action can be taken.

Uncloak ICO Comments

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  • 6 months ago Red Willis

    I heard about Ian Balina's interest about this ICO. Any thoughts on that?

  • 6 months ago Peter Garland

    Yup. I saw it somewhere but it hasn't been validated so I think its just a hoax.

  • 6 months ago Draymond Green

    Cybercrime is a big issue that we have been dealing with over the years, so to have a company that has taken the necessary steps to ensure your investment is kept safe is one you should be a part of. The company for sure will be the future of detecting the cyber threat, so be part of the solution they will create in the internet world.

  • 6 months ago Hunter Levesque

    Uncloak is the very first blockchain powered cyber threat solution that will help in putting the various businesses a step ahead of hackers. This is all possible by utilizing a few aspects. The first one being the company has used the advanced artificial intelligence that helps in checking public and hidden data for any cyber threats.

  • 6 months ago Hunter Levesque

    The company has also invested in the true blockchain 3.0 that will allow the verified IT security experts that are worldwide to collaborate in finding the best ways to resolve the cyber threat vulnerabilities that exist. And in return be rewarded with a fully automated system. They have also invested in the next generation cyber security that will further tackle the vulnerabilities that exist in the system.

  • 6 months ago Gabriel Stephen

    With all these security measures put in place, it ensures the business is compliant and fully aware of the security issues that arise. But this is not all as the company has also ensured they attained the best-experienced cybersecurity experts from London, with even a dedicated software development team that is based in the US, for sure the company has taken the necessary measures to ensure they are the future for cybersecurity.

  • 6 months ago Peter Garland

    What makes Uncloak different from other ICOs offering Internet Security?

  • 6 months ago Paul Walterson

    They have Ian Balinas pitch?

  • 6 months ago Miles Jonas

    Not just that. Their team consists of known security execs

  • 6 months ago Meghan Lambert

    Presently, the Uncloak team consists of 13 people with a solid experience in cybersecurity, in development (AI and Blockchain), in business and marketing. Furthermore, seven advisors are also part of the team, with half of the profiles oriented towards cybersecurity and the other half oriented towards business and strategy. It’s a good mix which promits a great solution and a good business development.

  • 6 months ago Dustin Foreman

    Yup. Plus they actually have a good structure to be honest. The Uncloak system is structured around two main roles: The bug hunter who will be paid in UCC token to find security vulnerabilities in the system and to provide palliative solutions The validator that will validate (or not) the security vulnerabilities listed.

  • 6 months ago Hunter Levesque

    Uncloak offers some promising features like automated bug bounty, AI threat detection engine, and a Vulnerability Scanner. The vulnerability scanner will scan the vulnerabilities to any potential cybersecurity threats. The bug bounty feature includes rewarding those who detect any valid cybersecurity threat or other vulnerabilities. This involves a defined process of validating the threats facilitated by a voting mechanism. For this Uncloak will be creating a community of “ethical hacker” who can assume roles of a bug hunter and a validator and they will be rewarded with UCC tokens (Uncloak has two tokens and the details are discussed later). They will also have an exclusive AI threat detection engine which the Uncloak team has developed with Krzana, an Artificial Intelligence software development firm. They claim it to be “a private cloud-based real-time cyber threat search engine powered by artificial intelligence, taking vast amounts of unstructured text data and turning it into structured and legible actionable data used for reporting to clients about the current cyber threat landscape.”

  • 6 months ago Jonas Panerio

    What are the real world applications for Uncloak?

  • 6 months ago Draymond Green

    The use case of any application or idea is extremely important as it largely defines its chances to succeed. So it’s important to understand to whom will Uncloak Cater to and how? You can think of Uncloak as an antivirus protection software with a difference that it makes use of the Blockchain technology, is more advanced, and also has a range of features enabling it to cater to the needs of business organizations or varied sizes. They have a very well defined marketing strategy and targets. Targeting small companies with under 250 employees that would be willing to have a cybersecurity threat check, Uncloak, will provide them with such cybersecurity threat checks and will also perform a vulnerability check of all their workstations, servers, and network hardware. Focussing on businesses with over 250 employees, Uncloak, will help them with their requirements related to IT governance which is becoming extremely important for big businesses nowadays. As Uncloak has particular services to offer they have based their revenue streams on a subscription model. The client companies will have subscription packages and will pay a time-bound subscription fee for Uncloak’s services and for accessing their platform. The Business model is fairly sustainable with around 4 defined subscription based products.

  • 6 months ago Maverick Carter

    What is the entry amount for Pre-sale?

  • 6 months ago Hunter Levesque

    The minimum is $100 and maximum is $100k.

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Tayo Dada
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Nicholas Topham

Token Info

  • Symbol/Ticker UNC
  • Platform EOS
  • Type ERC20
  • Bonus Presale Bonus up to 30% Main ICO Bonus 10%

Presale Info

  • Presale Price 0.01 USD
  • Presale Start Date 05/23/2018
  • Presale End Date 05/23/2018

Investment Info

  • Tokens for Sale 4200000000
  • Total Token Supply 4200000000
  • Price Per Token 1 UNC = 0.0100 USD
  • Soft Capital 6,000,000 USD
  • Hard Capital 21,000,000 USD
  • Accepting ETH

Q4 2016

Development of CSaaS - “Cyber security as a service” application for customers to perform their own security checks

Q1 2017

Strategic Partnership formed with Adecco™, the world's largest human resources firm to provide cyber security consultancy to public/private sector clients

Q4 2017

CSaaS renamed to Uncloak™

Q1 2018

Strategic alliance formed with world leading artificial intelligence software developers

Q1 2018

Released whitepaper

Q1 2018

Building community and strategic relationships

Q2 2018

Uncloak™ UNC token crowd sale

Q2 2018

Development of cyber threat detection AI engine (beta)

Q3 2018

Development of bug bounty alpha based on EOS™

Q3 2018

Launch of Uncloak™ channel partner model

Q3 2018

Launch of Bug Bounty community

Q4 2018

Launch of Uncloak™ bug bounty alpha on EOS testnet

Q4 2018

Alpha launch of Uncloak™ AI engine

Q4 2018

Uncloak™ general public platform release


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6 months ago

  • Token UNC
  • Platform EOS
  • Price 1 UNC = 0.0100 USD
  • Soft Capital 6,000,000 USD
  • Hard Capital 21,000,000 USD
  • Accepting ETH
  • Country Estonia
  • Restrictions
  • Know Your Customer No
  • Whitelist No

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