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6 months ago

One Ledger ICO About

ONE LEDGER defines a three-layer consensus protocol to enable more effective integration of different blockchain applications. Business logic can be implemented by the first layer – a configurable role-based consensus protocol leveraging hierarchical grouping similar to the structure of Merkle Tree. The side chain consensus protocol can move consensus traffic from the main chain with public consensus to the side chain with high performance and efficiency. OneLedger block structure enables the synchronization and reference between the three-layer consensus.

One Ledger ICO Review

OneLedger is a cross-ledger agnostic protocol that enables high-performance scaling using a sharded and modified practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus scheme -- which allows for either a permissionless or permissioned setting. By coupling public key infrastructure (PKI) with identity management, nodes (and node operators) will have a defined trust hierarchy that allows them to participate in the consensus of the OneLedger chain or any sidechain. OneLedger sidechains can be synchronized with the current state of other networks (Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.). Any cryptocurrency

that supports hashed time lock contracts (HTLC) and payment channels could be deposited into an account or address with the amount credited onto the OneLedger sidechain. This allows for a scalable and transparent solution that is off the main network or chain and is now off-loaded to the OneLedger sidechain. An arbitrary number of transactions between users can occur on a OneLedger sidechain prior to the final user requesting a withdrawal of their balance from the hashed time lock

address / account on the main chain to the address / account of their choice. Essentially, OneLedger provides a scalable `off-chain` solution from any main chain and offloads the consensus to the corresponding OneLedger sidechain which inherits all of the properties of the OneLedger protocol.

By using role control with PKI, enterprises can also launch their own permissioned sidechains. Businesses will be able to define the precise role of node operators that participate on their sidechain. In addition, by utilizing OneLedger’s unified framework, companies can develop their distributed ledger technology application with a single codebase and simultaneously launch their product across

multiple infrastructure networks of their choosing.

From small business owners to enterprises, OneLedger’s mission is to simplify businesses’ adoption of blockchain technology and its integration into their specific business applications and products. Through OneLedger, both businesses and individuals can leverage the platform to create both public and private blockchains with their own uniquely-identified network consensus. With the use of role control, enterprises can also separate read and write access on their permissioned network. Some industries, like healthcare, require people with the appropriate roles to view certain records. In addition, businesses will be able to create and manage their own community-owned digital wallet and credit system.

By leveraging the platform’s provided blockchain-based business tools, modern-day companies can efficiently and effectively adapt their business models to our blockchain technology. Part of the foundation of OneLedger’s protocol is its use of public key authentication which allows for the creation of personal accounts with highly configurable digital wallets, credit systems, and arbitration mechanisms. The OneLedger digital wallet provides individuals and institutions the abilities of a modern-day digital wallet with the normal functions such as deposits, withdrawals, and payment, as well as the additional benefit of being able to trade and purchase services across multi-business networks. By maintaining a digital identity on the OneLedger platform, businesses and consumers can accumulate a credit score through the transaction and behavior within the network. OneLedger arbitration mechanism can create the arbitration basis by supervising all transaction history and execution process. OneLedger supports consensus across different blockchains; the ability to expand and query data in other chains is made possible through compatibility with other blockchain networks by leveraging side-chains.

The OneLedger value network is composed of various levels of service regions and business logic. All transaction data and real source records are written into distributed nodes by an open source validation mechanism of data sharing through the blockchain underlying protocol. The real data becomes more simplistic and reliable through the enablement of IPFS protocol. Individuals participating in business activities can effectively become their own smart contract performers and data sharing peer. Safety and reliability of transactions is further promoted and ensured through the common data validation mechanism. OneLedger forms a realizable and verifiable blockchain network which is modularized from real-world functionality, based on the sharing and immunity mechanisms provided by blockchain techniques.

One Ledger ICO Comments

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  • 7 months ago Miles Jonas

    Any idea what's the minimum contract for One Ledger?

  • 7 months ago Miles Jonas

    It is locked for a minimum of 6 months in smart contracts, and followed by 1 to 2+ years vesting schedule for the long-term benefit of the community.

  • 7 months ago Miles Jonas

    Found it

  • 7 months ago Red Willis

    @milesjonas2018 Still need anything?

  • 7 months ago Miles Jonas

    I think I got what I needed. I am now in the process of trying to understand if this particular ICO is worth the shot so thank you @redgotsohigh

  • 7 months ago Jonas Panerio

    Overall, I believe it offers a good opportunity for both short and long term investors. What concerns me is the lack of MVP and the strong competition that the project faces.

  • 7 months ago Gabriel Stephen

    The fully operational version of the platform will be released in 2019. The project can, however, seriously impact and improve the blockchain space if executed successfully. For that reason, there is a very positive sentiment surrounding OneLedger that can further grow until the crowdsale, which is planned in May.

  • 7 months ago Miles Jonas

    Agree. It all boils down I guess to the usability of the product itself.

  • 6 months ago Gabriel Stephen

    One Ledger could be a great company for you to start learning the ropes from. They’re a brand-new company with a great team moving the platform forward.

  • 6 months ago Klay Thompson

    How can I participate in the OneLedger Crowdsale?

  • 6 months ago Hunter Levesque

    Here's the answer from the developers: "We hope to give everyone in our community an equal and fair chance to buy our OneLedger tokens, thus we designed our Token Distribution strategy on the principles of Support, Community and Fairness. For the crowd-sale, the whitelist & KYC (Know your customer) will happen at the same time. To determine eligibility, participants will be required to complete and pass our KYC verification. KYC registration starts on 12 pm 9th May, 2018 EST and ends on 12 pm 16th May, 2018 EST. Take note that KYC registration will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis."

  • 6 months ago Hunter Levesque

    Anyone here know what the requirements are for the KYC?

  • 6 months ago Klay Thompson

    Here's a notice from the developers: "Our third party KYC provider, Jumio, has experienced tremendous load and their server could not handle it (despite our numerous warnings to them of very high demand from our community). Their team have reproduced the issue in their EU data center and are investigating the root cause. We would be implementing a queue system and coordinate with them to ensure better service next time. We will be post-poning our KYC until we get the system up."

  • 6 months ago Draymond Green

    I have read that the new token supply total is 1 billion... this true?

  • 5 months ago Steve Kerr

    What is OneLedger Ambassador Program?

  • 5 months ago Draymond Green

    Due to the overwhelming interest in participating in the OneLedger Token Sale, the team wants to give its community members a chance to participate and be a part of our journey. The Ambassador Program will be a fair and transparent Token Distribution to integrate the voice and talents of our community with the hard work and dedication of our team, thus continuing the OneLedger story far and wide.

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Token Info

  • Symbol/Ticker OLT
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Type ERC20
  • Bonus Available

Presale Info

  • Presale Price null ETH
  • Presale Start Date 05/23/2018
  • Presale End Date 05/23/2018

Investment Info

  • Tokens for Sale 1000000000
  • Total Token Supply 1000000000
  • Price Per Token 1 OLT = 0.1 ETH
  • Soft Capital 4,000,000 USD
  • Hard Capital 15,000,000 USD
  • Accepting ETH

Final whitepaper Theoretical Proof of Concept

Q3–Q4 2017

Launch Ethereum sidechain testnet Synchronize Ethereum sidechain with OneLedger protocol engine Implement and optimize cross-chain consensus Add more public chain support Launch MVP with crosschain consensus

Q1-Q2 2018

Q3-Q4 2018

Enable Bitcoin sidechain to allow for cross-chain support Complete decentralized cross-chain exchange protocol Complete implementation of modularization tools and compilers Implement OneLedger's Identity Management System and Smart Contract Authorization System Launch API gateway Launch Alpha version of the OneLedger platform


Release first version of the OneLedger platform Integrate with more blockchain protocols Expand business network


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6 months ago

  • Token OLT
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Price 1 OLT = 0.1 ETH
  • Soft Capital 4,000,000 USD
  • Hard Capital 15,000,000 USD
  • Accepting ETH
  • Country Toronto
  • Restrictions United States, China
  • Know Your Customer Yes
  • Whitelist Yes

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