EthXpert ICO Review And ETHX Token Analysis



5 months ago

EthXpert ICO About

An Ethereum scalable side chain dedicated to payments. Our vision is to take Ethereum to the next level as a financial asset.

EthXpert ICO Review

EthXpert is a Blockchain based payment processing system, a fully decentralized system aimed to bring first of its kind Blockchain technology, Vulkan™ Blockchain. Designed to deliver the fastest, safest and most efficient way to pay for goods and services.

Most blockchains today suffer from slow transactions because of “block time”, the longer the block time, the more secure the network is, thus resulting in very slow throughput leading to pending transactions.

Not with EthXpert™, we’ve designed the Blockchain solely for the purpose of processing payments and transactions where time and security is critical. That’s why the Vulkan™ Blockchain was born. Unlike other Blockchain, Vulkan gets faster, cheaper, and more secure the more users join the network, not like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that bog down as time pass.

At EthXpert we believe in a world where people can be their own bank thanks to cryptocurrencies. We are at the dawn of a new era where money management can be decentralised. Without the traditional intermediaries, the power is given back to consumers. However, global adoption remains

the main challenge.

Companies like EthXpert are leading the way to promote the following message : blockchain technology - and in our case DAG technology - should not only appeal to tech-savvy people. Everyone will be able to

instantly transfer any amount of money across the world, with low fees, just by a single touch on our X App or by a single swipe with our X Card.

EthXpert ICO Comments

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  • 6 months ago Paul Walterson

    They said that they're the next big thing when it comes to payment processing. Any thoughts on that?

  • 6 months ago Miles Jonas

    Well, it all depends on the integration that they would be doing with Google Pay and Apple Pay. It'll be worht looking for if its API would be of a great fit with these 2 payment processing company.

  • 6 months ago Red Willis

    Any idea as to how I can apply as a merchant for them? Are there any benefits?

  • 6 months ago Paul Walterson

    Create Your Own Wallet Just sign up, create your own wallet and get verified. Its important for you to get verified so you and your customers can rest assure your transactions are valid. 02 Get Vulkan™ Payment Hardware All you need is a single hardware that you can use as your hardware wallet, a crypto miner, and barcode scanner to accept payments all at the same time! 03 Enjoy Secure and Lightning-Fast Transactions Voila! You can now start accepting payments from any cryptocurrency with a single tap!

  • 6 months ago Hunter Levesque

    "Designed to deliver the fastest, safest and most efficient way to pay for goods and services." Pretty bold statement here.

  • 6 months ago Red Willis

    I agree. They actually wanted to be a better version of Apple Pay and Google Pay according to their Telegram channel

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Token Info

  • Symbol/Ticker ETHX
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Type ERC20
  • Bonus Available

Presale Info

  • Presale Price null ETH
  • Presale Start Date 05/23/2018
  • Presale End Date 05/23/2018

Investment Info

  • Tokens for Sale null
  • Total Token Supply null
  • Price Per Token null USD
  • Soft Capital 0 USD
  • Hard Capital 0 USD
  • Accepting ETH


  • 41.0%
  • 0.0%
  • 0.0%
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5 months ago

  • Token ETHX
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Price null
  • Soft Capital 0
  • Hard Capital 0
  • Accepting
  • Country N/A
  • Restrictions
  • Know Your Customer No
  • Whitelist No

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