Essentia One ICO Review And Essentia One Token Analysis

Essentia One

The Next Generation Layer of Interoperability and Data


6 months ago

Essentia One ICO About

Essentia is the trustless modular framework allowing users to operate with their digital decentralized identities and data by creating their operating system with on-chain capabilities that can be accessible from all the devices in the world.

It empowers users with the full control and ownership of their data, IDs, information, privacy and assets, while being applicable in every device in the world, dApp, blockchain and third party service that an user wish to control in a decentralized manner.

Essentia is a masternoded multi-chained set of protocols connecting centralized and decentralized resources to create new powerful interactions and experiences.

Essentia One ICO Review

Essentia is a modular decentralised interoperability and data management framework.

Although it may sound complicated, it’s composed of two main components: Essences and Synergies.

In Essences, entities own their data, interlinking them across multiple services. They can be of individuals, companies, groups or organisations, effectively creating decentralised internet users, making interoperability between them also possible by subIDs, permissions and self-triggering, information related, smart contracts.

Synergies are the connective tissue of operations. They link different platforms, resources and modules together for them to be able to interoperate.

Developers can build on top of them and users can pay for leaner, more powerful and efficient applications on the Essentia framework that run across all the best technologies around the globe, opposed to a single one.

Try Essentia. A seed is all you need to get started.

Essentia One ICO Comments

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  • 7 months ago Miles Jonas

    What does Essentia token do?

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Token Info

  • Symbol/Ticker Essentia One
  • Platform
  • Type
  • Bonus

Presale Info

  • Presale Price null ETH
  • Presale Start Date 05/23/2018
  • Presale End Date 05/23/2018

Investment Info

  • Tokens for Sale null
  • Total Token Supply null
  • Price Per Token null USD
  • Soft Capital 0 USD
  • Hard Capital 0 USD
  • Accepting ETH


  • 80.0%
  • 0.0%
  • 0.0%
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6 months ago

  • Token Essentia One
  • Platform
  • Price null
  • Soft Capital 0
  • Hard Capital 0
  • Accepting
  • Country Switzerland
  • Restrictions
  • Know Your Customer No
  • Whitelist No

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