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5 months ago

Egretia ICO About

Egretia blockchain Lab is cooperating with the leading HTML5 enterprise, Egret Tech to create a complete, open, friendly HTML5 blockchain. Developers can launch HTML5 games & apps on Egretia's blockchain ecosystem. Meanwhile, game players can trade virtual assets too.

Egretia ICO Categories

Platform, Software

Egretia ICO Review

“Bring 200,000 Developers and 1 Billion HTML5 Devices to The Blockchain World.”

As a cross-platform solution, HTML5 technology has been globally recognized. It covers the Internet, mobile games, video, advertising and other industries, with the global market size of hundreds of billions dollars.

After blockchain game CryptoKitties became popular, Ethereum's smart contract applications added a new member - HTML5 games.

This project cooperating with Egret Technology, a globally well-known HTML5 technology service provider, set up Egretia Blockchain Lab, combining blockchain with HTML5 technology to create the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform, aiming for applying blockchain to vertical industries. Bringing Egret Technology's existing 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile terminal devices into the blockchain world, this project has practical and far-reaching significance.

Proven Development Workflow

Egretia joins hands with Egret Technology who has spent four years focusing on HTML5 workflow development. This workflow includes over 10 products, has reached more than 200,000 developers worldwide. Furthermore, the content powered by this workflow has covered 1 billion mobile terminals.

Egretia ICO Comments

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  • 5 months ago Peter Garland

    I heard that their presale recently ended. Any idea how many tokens they've sold so far? How was the reaction of the people who bought from them?

  • 5 months ago Red Willis

    They are currently running a promotion because I think they we're able to get $10,000,000 total transactions.

  • 5 months ago Klay Thompson

    Can someone tell me more about the Egretia Platform Digital Token?

  • 5 months ago Red Willis

    The Egretia platform will provide the digital token Egreten that can be combined with other games and also used by players to trade virtual goods in a safe and efficient manner. The token will be the first token that will connect different games.

  • 5 months ago Gabriel Stephen

    Can anybody tell me about the Self-developed public chain?

  • 5 months ago Hunter Levesque

    This public chain will be based on the delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism whose aim will be to optimize the HTML5 game performance. By use of the blockchain interface layer and the Egret engine tools, developers will quickly create blockchain-based DApps.

  • 5 months ago Klay Thompson

    How about this Consensus mechanism?

  • 5 months ago Draymond Green

    The public chain on the Egretia platform will be using a delegated proof of stake as the consensus mechanism. This mechanism is similar to a board vote where coin holders will cast a certain number of nodes using the bookkeeping and verification mechanism.

  • 5 months ago Draymond Green

    What will the Egret token be used for?

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ICOPicker - Peter Huang
Peter Huang
ICOPicker - Dirk Meyer
Dirk Meyer
ICOPicker - Edwin Chen
Edwin Chen
Founder & CEO of Egret

Token Info

  • Symbol/Ticker EGT
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Type ERC20
  • Bonus Yes

Presale Info

  • Presale Price 0.0085 USD
  • Presale Start Date 05/26/2018
  • Presale End Date 05/30/2018

Investment Info

  • Tokens for Sale 8000000000
  • Total Token Supply 8000000000
  • Price Per Token 1 EGT = 0.0085 USD
  • Soft Capital 10,000,000 USD
  • Hard Capital 23,300,000 USD
  • Accepting ETH, ABT, CMT

2018 Q3

Launch the first wave of Egretia blockchain games and applications

2018 Q4

Release Egretia Blockchain SDK alpha version

2019 Q1

Release user digital wallet

2019 Q2

Release Egretia Blockchain Game Platform

2019 Q3

Release Egretia Virtual Goods Trading Platform

2019 Q4

Release Egretia Advertising Platform


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5 months ago

  • Token EGT
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Price 1 EGT = 0.0085 USD
  • Soft Capital 10,000,000 USD
  • Hard Capital 23,300,000 USD
  • Accepting ETH, ABT, CMT
  • Country Singapore
  • Restrictions United States, China
  • Know Your Customer No
  • Whitelist Yes

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