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6 months ago

DeepCloud AI ICO About

DeepCloud AI is building an AI-driven decentralized cloud computing platform for running decentralized applications — IoT and Web 3.0 DApps. We are providing a spot market for computing and storage resources for enterprise-level users and individuals, for the purpose of sharing their excess capacity on our decentralized cloud, and with our AI matching engine. Applications execute in a secure sandbox on the peer-to-peer resources, and all transactions are managed on the blockchain via smart contracts. We also offer an DApps marketplace for developers with pre-validated applications to speed up the development of their end to end solutions.

We are democratizing cloud computing and levelling the playing field for both resource providers and application developers.

DeepCloud AI ICO Review

DeepCloud AIaims to provide an AI-driven decentralized cloud platform for running decentralized IoTand Web 3.0 applications.While the cloud industry is already very mature with large players like AWS, Google Cloud and Azure, their cloud infrastructure is geared towards centralized applications where key resources are running in large centralized data centers. These solutions are not suitable for building decentralized peer-to-peer and IoTapplications which have the requirement for computation resources running close to the edge devicesfor processing the growing volume of data generated at the edge, or a cost-effective, solutions for payment flow for micro-transactions executed automatically by the p2p IoT devices as they interact with each other and automate common tasks. Similar problems exist for solutions involving complex multi-party integration across organizations for example in supply chains, government institutions, financial institutions. Current systems rely heavily on high cost intermediaries and proprietary interfaceswhich are very costly to build and maintainmaking it difficult for smaller players and companies to enter into market.Many aggregation platforms like Airbnb, Uber etc.have emerged in recent years, with promise for a shared economy with sharing of wealth with the crowd buthave soon evolved into centralized behemoths taking large cut and fees (often 30% or higher) for these aggregated services. Blockchain, the underlying technology behind Bitcoin, has emerged as a new disruptive platform to tackle theseproblems,ushering in a new era of “Internet of Value” vs the “Internet of Information”. It is democratizing the internet and leveling the playing field for consumers and business to operate in an increasingly global marketplace. DeepCloud AIwill democratize the playing field[1]for cloud infrastructure andopen-up the market for resource provides and application developers to run and deploy their decentralized applications in a cost-effectivemanner. Like Golem, SONM, iExec, we are building a decentralized cloud platform, and betting on blockchain based cloud solution as the future for decentralized applications. Our core differentiator is the use of AI for doing the resource matching between the network resource providers and application developers. Further, with the extensive industry knowledge and expertise of building Enterprise solutions, our core team, brings to the table deep insights and know-how for Enterprise customers

DeepCloud AI ICO Comments

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  • 5 months ago Steve Kerr

    Just like Golem, SONM and iExec, DeepCloud AI shares the same vision of the future of decentralized cloud computing but adds the AI aspect of the technology which facilitates proper resource matching between the providers and the application developers. The project growth potential is huge considering the technology it offers, the team is strong and the token metrics are good. The advisors and partnerships could be stronger but they claim to have over 10 partnerships in the pipeline and also a strategic advisor joining soon.

  • 5 months ago Jonas Panerio

    Has this project gotten any partners yet?

  • 5 months ago Maverick Carter

    Yes. It has already secured partnerships with TV Azteca, Blockfolks and Blockchain Tech Team.

  • 5 months ago Dustin Foreman

    What does Deep Cloud AI aim to solve?

  • 5 months ago Maverick Carter

    Worthwhile read here --->

  • 5 months ago Steve Kerr

    Great review for Deepcloud!

  • 5 months ago Gabriel Stephen

    DeepCloud AI getting some more love from the experts! -->

  • 5 months ago Jonas Panerio

    They just announced that they are working with Nebulas to ensure the advance of decentralized cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology use cases.

  • 5 months ago Steve Kerr

    So, what does this Nebulas do?

  • 5 months ago Steve Kerr

    The union of Nebulas’ technological expertise in the blockchain space and the DeepCloud AI’s experience in AI and Cloud Computing technologies will strengthen both parties as they strive to be world leaders in decentralizing computing for the masses.

  • 5 months ago Maverick Carter

    Nebulas founder Hitters Xu will also be a Blockchain Advisor to DeepCloud AI, providing insights gleaned from years of experience of developing and building blockchain ecosystems, products and communities.

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ICOPicker - Max Rye
Max Rye
Chief Executive Officer
ICOPicker - Geeta Chauhan
Geeta Chauhan
Chief Technology Officer
ICOPicker - Joseph Vargas
Joseph Vargas
Principal AI/Cloud Architect

Token Info

  • Symbol/Ticker DEEP
  • Platform Blockchain
  • Type ERC20
  • Bonus 25%

Presale Info

  • Presale Price null
  • Presale Start Date Invalid date
  • Presale End Date Invalid date

Investment Info

  • Tokens for Sale 80000000
  • Total Token Supply 200000000
  • Price Per Token 0.25 USD
  • Soft Capital 8,000,000 USD
  • Hard Capital 15,000,000 USD
  • Accepting USD

May 2018

Platform design and architecture in works. Whitepaper refined based on detail platform designs. MVP design and development started forDeepCloud AIfabric.

July 2018

MVP testing begins on DeepCloud AIfabric

August 2018

First live test on DeepCloud AIfabric. With decentralized applications (IoT, dApps ) on testnet

Q3 2018

Platform design is final and Teams are assembled for support full scale development / test rollout. Agile development best practices implemented like continuous integration and testing, Chaos Monkey for break testing. Strategic Global development team placement to ensure round the clock development / testing / support cycles.

Q4 2018

DeepCloud AIfabric support for web applications running effectively.


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6 months ago

  • Token DEEP
  • Platform Blockchain
  • Price 0.25 USD
  • Soft Capital 8,000,000 USD
  • Hard Capital 15,000,000 USD
  • Accepting
  • Country Singapore
  • Restrictions
  • Know Your Customer Yes
  • Whitelist Yes

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