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5 months ago

Bethereum ICO About

An innovative social betting solution built on blockchain technology

Bethereum ICO Review

Bethereum is an innovative social betting solution built on blockchain technology. Designed to tackle the key challenges of conventional betting, it delivers a host of unique features and improvements. Starting with sport betting, our vision is to develop a wider ecosystem and establish the Bether token as the betting market standard.

Powerful technology

A versatile framework combining Ethereum-based technology with powerful tools and applications.

Provably fair

Maximum transparency and security guaranteed by a fully decentralised solution and Smart Contracts.

Fun and social

Industry-first innovations and unique gamification and social elements bring the fun back in betting.

Bethereum ICO Comments

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  • 6 months ago Jonas Panerio

    Do you have any information about the bonus?

  • 6 months ago Jonas Panerio

    Because I heard there is a public presale starting in 3 hours with a 50% bonus only for the first 24 hours.

  • 6 months ago Paul Walterson

    I do think that bonuses are still ongoing. I think its currently pegged at 30%

  • 6 months ago Red Willis

    Anyone tried to purchase with them? I find this ICO more like of an online gambling thing to be honest.

  • 6 months ago Jonas Panerio

    Why does this project accept only ETH?

  • 6 months ago Red Willis

    It's very common, most projects just accepts Ethereum because that's the platform of almost every ICO @jaypanerio

  • 6 months ago Jonas Panerio

    @redgotsohigh And I guess, by restricting the ability to purchase BTHR tokens using only ETH, they’ve increased the level of security for supporters exponentially. They have also made the process of buying BTHR tokens much simpler, as the ERC20 wallet investors send ETH from is the wallet that the BTHR tokens will be sent to.

  • 6 months ago Red Willis

    @jaypanerio That is exactly the reason why most people only prefers to accept ETH.

  • 6 months ago Gabriel Stephen

    When will Bethereum start on exchanges?

  • 6 months ago Hunter Levesque

    Bethereum aims to bring back engagement and the social interaction to betting by allowing players to bet against each other instead bookies while using blockchain technology and smart contracts for transparency and security. Bethereum seeks to distinguish itself from other betting platforms by attracting casual gamblers with an interface that is user-friendly, intuitive as well as make it simple to create an account, and through the use of gamification (the application of game design principles and techniques to non-gaming contexts) which enhances player engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Blockchain technology and smart contracts are the perfect fit for this betting platform. With Bethereum’s unique approach, they may just be an ICO worth betting on.

  • 6 months ago Gabriel Stephen

    Bethereum is a social betting platform that allows people to play against each other, eliminating bookmakers and third-party betting agencies from the process. Smart Contracts automatically distribute winnings and eliminate the risk of human error or manipulation. This should attract casual bettors as well as seasoned bettors. The high roller section Bethereum is including is definitely a plus and has very strong revenue potential.

  • 6 months ago Gabriel Stephen

    Does this project have a bounty program?

  • 6 months ago Draymond Green

    Yes. You can find out more about our generous bounty program here:

  • 5 months ago Steve Kerr

    When is the main sale?

  • 5 months ago Maverick Carter

    Specific date will be announced soon, but it will be at the last week of June.

  • 4 months ago Klay Thompson

    They have already announced the date of their main sale. Here is their announcement: "After a successful Pre-sale of 6 000 ETH from 1342 contributors we’re announcing the start date of our Mainsale: June 28, 1 PM GMT."

  • 4 months ago Steve Kerr

    The Bethereum business model is both   proven and scalable. Why? How? Read here -->

  • 4 months ago Steve Kerr

    Finally got the info. Mainsale set on June 28 1 PM GMT

  • 4 months ago Gabriel Stephen

    Bethereum has been recognized as the Startup of the Month!

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ICOPicker - Peter Gal
Peter Gal
ICOPicker - Martin Herman
Martin Herman
ICOPicker - Giacomo Tognoni
Giacomo Tognoni

Token Info

  • Symbol/Ticker BTHR
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Type ERC20
  • Bonus Exclusive Bonus for Private pre-sale contributors (minimum amount 25 ETH) 30% Bonus in the Public pre-sale.

Presale Info

  • Presale Price 22750 BTHR
  • Presale Start Date 05/23/2018
  • Presale End Date 05/23/2018

Investment Info

  • Tokens for Sale 600000000
  • Total Token Supply 600000000
  • Price Per Token 1 ETH = 17,500 BTHR
  • Soft Capital 5,000 ETH
  • Hard Capital 25,000 ETH
  • Accepting ETH

March 2017

Idea inception Core team setup

May 2017

Development start Token sale preparation

March - May 2018

iOS app prototype Token sale

Q2 2018

Bether on exchanges Team extension

Q3 2018

Closed alpha Oracle / API feed Bethereum Wallet

Q4 2018

Public beta Developer SDK start

Q1 2019

Web / iOS soft launch eSports / High Roller Club Agency partnerships

Q2 2019

Global launch: Web/iOS/Android Local / live betting Affiliate program

Q3 2019

Developer SDK release Non-sport betting added First third-party games

Q4 2019

Machine-learning service Large game portfolio

H1 2020

B2B / partner growth Bether as major standard Multichannel portal


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5 months ago

  • Token BTHR
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Price 1 ETH = 17,500 BTHR
  • Soft Capital 5,000 ETH
  • Hard Capital 25,000 ETH
  • Accepting ETH
  • Country Hong Kong
  • Restrictions United States, China
  • Know Your Customer No
  • Whitelist No

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