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To guide you on this process, we have a set of metrics for evaluating each featured ICO. Each criterion has an assigned weighted adjusted formula to reflect the contribution to the overall sentiment on the specific ICO.

ICO Picker Metrics

Does the ICO provide a viable and relevant solution to a problem and has passed rigorous tests before its launch?

Proof of Concept
Is there an alpha version of the project with significant commits on GitHub?

Does it contain all components of a structured technological blueprint on product, platform, organization and token?

Development Roadmap
Is it a realistic timeline with achievable goals?

Business Model
Does it realize the need for blockchain technology?

Is there complete information on project progress, background of external advisors and team members, and findings from independent auditors?

Does the leadership team and advisory board have verifiable track records and technical expertise?

Community & Supporters
Is it active on Reddit, Slack, GitHub and other social media on the project's progress, and receives favorable coverage from top crypto media channels?

Token Generating Event (TGE)
Is it transparent on pre- and sale structure and terms, incentive structure and vesting scheme?

Market & Competition
Is the concept a first-mover and disruptor in the industry and can dominate the market in the long term?

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