About Us

ICO Picker from Elite Club is the first and only online platform where initial coin offering (ICO) selection, grading and analysis are generated through crowdsourcing. Unlike ICO-related websites where market intelligence is backed by so-called experts assigning scores to each reviewed ICO (or one-way rating), ICO Picker relies on the millions of participants in ICOs whose opinions reflect real market sentiment.

ICO is community-driven and by allowing members to choose which ICOs to feature, rate the potential of the ICO through different criteria, and share their analysis and opinions on each ICO, no other platform gives its members the power to crowdsource insightful information.

Best of all, ICO Picker is free to everyone. For Elite Club paying members though, they are entitled to access additional features such as valuable trading signals and participation in investment pool smart contracts as part of their privileges (Click here to know more about the Elite Club membership)

With this strategy, users can leverage public opinion to supplement expert/analyst-backed reports when making a decision on which ICO to invest in.

We’re bringing ICO knowledge crowdsourcing to the mainstream, and only Elite Club can do it better.

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