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Submit ICO here to succeed your ICO campaign with more coverage

Submit ICO using the form below and provide us information about your ICO, the more, the better. After you submit ICO, we will get back to you in less than 24 hours. If you have any troubles submitting your ICO, check the ‘how-to’ guide here to submit your ICO:

Additional paid options with more coverage are also available. Contact us via [email protected] to find out more. Join the list of top ICOs on the market and reach your potential investors immediately today.

How to make your ICO successful?

Without any doubt, the success of an ICO is based on a powerful idea. After all, ICO is nothing more than a leading way to raise funds for a certain project. However, there are also several factors that make an ICO stand out among competitors. Information presentation is one of them. For example, you need to have a user-friendly website explaining the idea in a nutshell and providing the most important details for the token sale. A white paper is also a must. Usually, a white paper consists of the market overview, problems that are currently present on the market, the way a project solves these problems, the use of blockchain, the roadmap, the team, and the token sale details.

Secondly, many investors pay attention to the team standing behind an ICO. Usually, ICO gets more attention when its top managers have already gained success in other projects/companies. Acclaimed advisors and well-established companies would be a great plus as well.

However, one of the most important parts of the ICO is media attention. The more coverage you get, the more potential investors you can reach and convert them into contributors to your project. This is exactly why we recommend you to submit ICO to our listing. To get you even more exposure, we can offer a detailed review of your ICO made by the blockchain specialists with 5+ years of experience. Finally, you are welcome to share the news and updates of your ICO in our news section.

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