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Take advantage of ICO reviews

This section is dedicated to profound ICO reviews — kind of a bridge between an ICO listing with a short description and a long-read white paper. What is important, each ICO review is unbiased because it is written not by the ICO team (like in case of the white paper document) but by independent writers. This allows taking a glance at the project in another way, for both parties — ICO holders and investors.

ICO reviews contents

We at ICOpicker are always trying to make the reviews as understandable and easy-to-read as possible. We take our time to analyze the project, the team standing behind it, its white paper, etc. Thereafter, we split the ICO review into parts, presenting the following sections, in most cases: the main idea/mission, project description, use of Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain, token use, ICO details, token allocation, funds use, roadmap, team, advisors, and links. Depending on the project, we might add/remove some sections. For example, there are many projects that are having their official mobile apps. In this case, we make sure to review the app features in a separate section.

Nowadays, there are lots of ICOs, which causes an excessive amount of information that is hard to perceive. All in all, our goal is to save time of the investors and present the ICO reviews in the most brief form possible, and yet preserve the detailed presentation of the project.

Request an ICO review

As a rule, detailed reviews get more exposure, which cannot be enough for any ICO project. Moreover, the reviews get featured on our main page. If you have an ICO and would like to get reviewed on ICOpicker, please drop us a line via [email protected].

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