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ICO Pools for (startup) Companies and ICO Investors
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ICO Pools for (startup) Companies and ICO Investors

One of the growing sectors in the crypto space is the ICO pools. It is a community of investors who wants to get the maximum benefits of an ICO token sale. For us to better understand what an ICO pool is, we need to talk first of what is an ICO exactly.

What is an ICO?

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a fundraising mechanism to raise funds to support valuable projects fo startups. This digital fundraising strategy uses cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for investment.

Stages of an ICO

An ICO is consist of three stages. These stages will also determine how much return you can get.

Private Sale

The private sale is an exclusive sale which has strict requirements before an individual can make an ICO investment. The ICO developer usually interviews would-be investors to ensure that they are in line with the company goals.

Moreover, a private sale has a minimum buy-in. The ICO tokens are cheaper on this stage and investors can quickly get a high return on investment (ROI). This is the stage wherein the ICO is not yet known to the public.


The presale stage is the phase before the ICO token is launch. A presale is usually promoted through different online platforms such as social media and ICO listing sites.

Participants of the presale can get big bonuses and discounts. However, there’s a lot of competition. Most ICO investors try to invest during the presale. If the website indicates that it requires whitelisting, then you need to register on the pre-ICO list before you can join the ICO token presales.

Public Sale

The third stage is the public sale or also known as crowdsale or the main sale. This is the crucial phase and is widely advertise since this will determine whether the ICO is a success or if it failed. However, investors on this stage will get lesser bonuses and discounts.

If you noticed, the best stage to invest is in the private or presale stage. Most investors opt to participate in the private sale, but not all individual investors can participate because of the minimum buy-in. And, this is the reason why ICO pools exist.

What are the ICO Pools?

ICO pools are a group of investors who come together so they can make an investment in ICO token sales, which may not be possible for an individual investor. Once an investor joins an ICO pool, his limited investment can get through the private sale, and he can get the discounts and bonuses offered on this stage.

An ICO pool is a combined investment platform. Members have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which serves as a contract of the members. This community of investors often talk about the upcoming ICOs and discuss which ICOs have the potential to succeed.

Types of ICO Pools

The following are the 2 types of ICO Pools:

Trustless Pools
The trustless pools use a smart contract on their transactions, so the investor has the full control of his funds. The smart contract is an open source, allowing the investor to review the code before sending out the funds. After the pooling, the ICO gets the crypto investment, and the crypto investor gets the ICO token.

Non-Trustless Pools
The non-trustless pools don’t use a smart contract, but instead, a pool manager acts as a middleman between the investor and the ICO startup. The pool manager provides the Ethereum address where the investor can send their investment. After that, the manager will send the funds to the ICO wallet address. Then the pool manager will redistribute the ICO tokens to the ICO pool investors.

How to find ICO Pools

The crypto world is moving at a fast pace. On average, there are 5 ICOs launch every day. As the number of ICOs are increasing, so with the number of ICO pools. With the high number of ICO pools, finding them can be challenging. So here are the ways on how you can find an ICO pool.


The easiest way to find an ICO pool is to Google it. Just search “ICO pools” and go through the search results. Look for an ICO pool and assess if its legit or a scam.

You can also filter the search results wherein Google will only show the ICO pools organized through Telegram (the majority of ICO pools are organized here). One of the features of Google is it indexes the join links of Telegram. To do this, type in: site: ico pool.

Aside from using the term “ico pool”, you can also widen the results by using the terms ico pre-sale, ico private sale, blockchain investment, or other words related to ICO pools.

ICO Pools For Investors

Are you an investor who has limited resources but want to get the benefits of joining the private sale? For sure private sale offers big discounts and bonuses. On top of that, you can quickly get a high ROI.

How to invest in an ICO Pool

Identify ICO pool operators. Look for ICO pool operators that you want to do business with. Know the admins of the ICO pool since they are your primary contact for questions and information

Sign up to the ICO pool. When an ICO pool operator has determined an ICO to invest in, they create a form wherein interested crypto-investors can register. Make sure that you do due diligence before joining an ICO pool since some pools can be a scam. If you think that the ICO pool can handle your ICO investment wisely, then sign up. Feel free to ask the admins if you any questions and concers. ICO pool operators typically use Discord and Telegram for communication.

Send your ICO investment. After signing up, send your crypto investment to the wallet address provided by the ICO pool. The blockchain investment will be pooled together using either a smart contract or by sending the funds individually by each member.

Receive ICO token. You will then receive the ICO token on your wallet address.

Why invest in ICO pool

As mentioned above, in cases wherein an individual investor is unable to invest in an ICO because of the ICO requirement (such as minimum buy-in), the best option is to join an ICO Pool. Not only this, but imagine you want to chase the ICO investment opportunities where you have barely a chance to get in because it’s oversubscribed. I’m sure you do not want to keep your mobile in your hand the whole day and monitoring if you have that “GO” to buy.. You don’t want to waste your spare time on this!

ICO pools

Here are the reasons why you should make an ICO pool investment.

  • Big Discounts

In the three ICO stages, the private sale offers the biggest discounts and returns but is only open to those who can make huge investments.

If you have limited resources but want to maximize your return of investment, then consider joining an ICO pool. ICO pools can participate in ICO private sale, therefore as an ICO pool investor, you can also get big discounts and returns.

  • Pool Resources

Investors are constantly searching for promising ICOs. Choosing the best ICO can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the knowledge and resources to know how to distinguish a good ICO from an ICO scam.

As a member of an ICO pool, the pool operators can give you access to its pool resources so you can also assess their chosen ICO on your own.

  • ICO Review and Analysis

An ICO review and analysis is necessary for selecting the top ICO. Since the ICO pools are a community of investors, there will be more people who will evaluate the ICO which can help in making an informed decision.

  • Guaranteed Investment

With the hype of blockchain investment, more people have been wanting to put an investment on ICO, especially during the private and the presale. That being said, expect that you will have a lot of competition, and you might not be able to get a spot in the early stages of ICO.

With ICO pools, you can ensure that your investment will go through the private sale and you can reap the benefits of an early ICO investor.

ICO Pools For Startup Companies

Are you a startup company who has an upcoming ICO campaign? Do you consider ICO pools for your ICO fundraising? If yes, then this section is for you.

How to join an ICO Pool

If you are considering an ICO pool for your ICO token sale, you need to either get the ICO pool’s attention or make direct contact to the ICO pools.

1. Get the attention of ICO Pools

How do you get the attention of ICO pools? Well, you need to impress them, so they will know that your project is what they are looking for in an ICO. You need to build the interest of crypto-enthusiast, investors, and ICO-curious so ICO pools can notice you.

  • Development Team

The team behind the ICO must be composed of people who already have experience in running successful companies and people who have experience in the blockchain market.

The success of the ICO greatly depends on the people behind it. So if you think you have a weak team, then find people who can fill up those gaps.

  • Community Engagement

ICO pools look for ICOs that engages the crypto community. There must already be hype about your project and ICO. And, there must be an excitement in the part of the token buyers.

So make sure to create that buzz in crypto websites, forums, and community. Use the different channels of communication, such as Discord and Telegram, to keep people talking about your ICO. You can initiate an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) to answer questions of crypto users. Then, gather the feedback from the crypto community to refine your ICO project.

  • Plan Your Profitability

How quickly can investors gain their profit? The hard cap is one of the ICO elements that ICO pools look at. A high hard cap can be a turn-off, while a low hard cap is favored.

This is because a high hard can be too difficult to manage while the lower hard caps provide more efficient business most of the time.

  • Product Demo

It will be easier to impress ICO pools if you have a demo product that you can show up. This often indicates that deadlines can be met and you can produce the project. Moreover, it can help in the marketing strategy of the ICO company on social channels.

  • Understand What ICO Pools Want

Although ICO pools want to get big discounts and bonuses, they are also after ICO tokens that can maintain or increase in utility.

2. Make Contact with ICO Pools

If ICO pools still didn’t notice you, then make the first move and contact them. You can connect with ICO pools either by direct outreach or through someone who can do the outreach for you.

  • Direct Outreach

Look for the ICO pools’ contact details and offer your ICO directly. If the ICO pool is organized through Telegram, you can quickly identify the contact information of the ICO admins. You can send them a direct message, but don’t bombard them with messages as it may mark your message as spam and locked you out of Telegram.

This is the easiest and cheapest approach to contact ICO pools.

  • Paid Outreach

With the paid outreach, someone will do the outreach on your behalf. You need to be extra cautious when you make this approach since the agency or the person who will do the outreach will the name of your company. Only do this if you are confident with whom your dealing business with.

Even if you are paying for an ICO pool outreach service, it still can’t reach all ICO pools.

ICO pool with ICOpicker

Are you an ICO investor who wants to join an ICO pool or do you want to create your own ICO pool? We got you covered.

Are you an ICO startup who wants to get the ICO pool’s attention? Have your ICO listed on our ICO listing website. We have thousands of users who can rate and analyze your ICO, which can help ICO pools make an informed decision to choose your ICO.

Don’t miss out any ICO pools. Get the latest news and updates about the crypto industry. Join the ICOpicker community today!

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