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How to invest in ICO token sale?

While ICO and crypto is undoubtedly the future, it is important to know how to invest in ICOs to make the most out of it. If you would have had made an investment of $10 in Jan 2011 in Bitcoins you have had over 30 BTC for that price. Today, when one BTC is above $10000 mark and increasing it would have been worth over $300000. They say facts are stranger than fictions, and who would have believed that an investment of $10 could fetch a return of over 30000 times? It is not an exceptional story but trends show that when it comes to early investments in ICOs it is more of a rule. An investment of $8 in Ethereum’s Ether token in 2016 would be worth $400 today. Inspired by these rocking returns there are many investors trying to invest in ICO (initial coin offering).

Invest early and purchase ICO tokens in a smart way

Most of the ICOs like traditional IPOs offer the best returns and bonuses to their seed funders. As ICO is basically a means to procure funds for a business and if you as an investor make an early investment when the business needs it the most, you are entitled to get the best returns offered. Therefore, it is always recommended that if you’re planning to invest in an ICO token sale, you should go with their pre-sale when you get the best deal.

Individual Investor and challenges to investing during pre sale

A pre-sale is when a company offers its token sale before going live. It could be understood as seed funding or the very initial fundraising to get the project running. A presale is followed by a crowdsale where the tokens are available for all and sundry. As most of the benefits like bonuses and discounts are offered during a Presale, there is a lot of competition too. Most of the investors try to push it to make an investment during this stage. But for an individual investor, it is not all easy as most popular ICOs only accept big investors for their private sales. Also, most of the times it is very hard to get whitelisted (ICO whitelist) and as the private sales are extremely time sensitive if you are a small to a medium investor it is extremely difficult to make it at this stage.

ICO pools — shared investments for greater profits!

Despite making several attempts you haven’t been able to get the deal you were looking for? Every time you try your payment doesn’t get through in time? Or have you lost your valuable money to scams while investing in a popular ICO pre-sale? If you’re looking forward to investing in crypto, these are some common issues that make it difficult for an individual investor to get the best deals. But with the increasing popularity of ICOs and subsequently increasing competition to make it in the presale stage, it is recommended that to be on the safer side you make your investments through an ICO pool.

Why an ICO pool?

An ICO pool is a group or community of individual investors and experts coming together to identify the best opportunities for making the best investments. As a dedicated team, their success rate is much more than that of an individual investor. A trusted ICO pool not only secures your position in a private sale but also saves you the hassles of being worried about getting whitelisted and transaction failures. From a range of investment options, you enjoy the flexibility of not putting all your eggs in one basket. If you’re an individual investor and want to make the most out of investing in ICOs you should be looking at being a part of some ICO pool to get the maximum benefits.

6 Ways to avoid an ICO pool scam!

With over $3.5 billion raised altogether so far by Fintech companies through their ICO’s, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that in near future ICO’s will be replacing traditional IPOs as a new fundraising mechanism. With several ICOs already offering great returns they are also getting increasingly popular among investors. With more and more people wanting to invest in ICOs, the idea of getting quick and lucrative returns has made investors vulnerable to scams and frauds which are quite common. Also, a lot of individual investors have been joining ICO pools and groups to make secure investments but with Telegram being an open source which has little or no check for frauds, it is very difficult to identify Genuine ICO pools and investor communities. If you’re an investor looking to be a part of a genuine and functional ICO pool or you want to invest in an ICO, here are 6 ways to avoid getting scammed.

  • A registered company: If you are an existing investor or you show interest to be one, there are plenty of offers and claims you would come across from all different kinds of IDs and people. Most of these are completely not legit and don’t even have a company website let alone being a legitimate and registered organization. It is very important that when you join an ICO pool you see if your ICO pool has a running and legitimate website and are an already registered company.
  • Active community and discussion forums: Before you join an ICO pool or any community of investors make sure you take a look at their blogs and discussion forums. By going through their blogs and analyzing their discussion forums on telegram you could get an idea of what they do and whether they are legit or fake with the claims they make. Most importantly track their approach as most fake ICO pools push you to make immediate investments without discussing or educating.
  • Say no to one way communication: Any legitimate company and especially the ones that are making profitable investments should be allowing their registered users or community members to communicate freely on open groups where you are free to post criticisms along with your views and reviews as well. With an open group, you get to know that there is nothing fishy and a seamless two-way communication which allows active participation of community members ensures that you’re with a reliable organization.
  • Realistic claims: “Invest with us and double your money within two weeks! ”— Have you come across such claims? You know that real companies make realistic claims which they can technically prove. You must avoid all unrealistic claims, no matter how good they sound. Verify the claims made and also ask them why they make such claims and how they expect to fulfill these commitments. A genuine ICO pool or investment community will have a realistic explanation of all the claims they make. Don’t waste your time and money with something that sounds too good to be true.
  • Independent research: As a responsible and smart investor, you must do your own independent research and try to gather as much information possible before making a hasty decision, no matter how tempting the offer is. If you’re getting involved with an upcoming and new ICO pool it is recommended to look at their website and know about their company details and expertise.
  • Do not follow unknown email links or messages: Last but not least, you must avoid following spoof and unknown emails and links that come to you via messages. There are plenty of scams where they place duplicate and fake links that resemble popular ICOs. Make sure that you type the address yourself in the browser while searching or verifying a link.

While you don’t want to be left out when the crypto market is booming and ICOs are offering more returns than ever, it is equally important to tread with caution and make sure your funds are invested through proper channels. Now that you have some idea how to avoid scam and fake ICO pools you should be looking for a legitimate and genuine ICO pool as it can help you with genuine trading signals allowing you to get best returns on your crypto investments.

ICO ban in China: investing in ICO and challenges for Chinese investors!

Let us learn you more about ICO pools; with several investors moving their funds in ICOs, the repercussion of the same has resulted in investing in cryptocurrencies and ICOs becoming completely illegal in China.

Not only it has made it increasingly difficult for an average Chinese investor to invest in ICOs of their choice and get the most out of their favorite token sales, consequently, but it has also substantially dampened the entire ICO scene in China. Some of the greatest challenges that an investor from China is facing currently is that they find it very difficult to make a secure investment while maintaining the anonymity of transactions.

Though the fact is there are already a lot of Chinese funds invested in all recent and major ICOs that have been giving great returns, all the investments made are from channels that are based offshore. This involves a lot of risk for Chinese investors as in they face a challenge of near to no control on their funds they invest and also with a lot of scams out there in the market finding a trusted partner is a herculean task.

With whom to invest?

One of the biggest challenges for a Chinese investor is to find a trusted way to make an investment in an ICO (even though there are many ICO pools available in China). It is inevitable for a Chinese investor to make an investment without leveraging their funds through other mediums as ICO ’s are deemed to be illegal in China. Therefore if you want to invest in an ICO, no matter what way you want to invest the most important thing is to look for is that it is registered and hence, responsible and accountable for your investment.

Also, you’ve got to see if your investment partner or the medium you chose to make an investment in an ICO through ICO pools is transparent and is also able to hold and manage the fund sharing the due profits.

ICO pools — Most secure and transparent way to invest in ICOs

If you’re already into investing in ICOs then you must be aware of the ICO or investment pools that allow you to make an investment in a hassle-free, secure, and transparent way. But there are several ICO pools and investment groups that you should be aware of and before making any investment in with an ICO pool you should make sure that your ICO pool is a genuine and a registered company.

The fact that ICO pools are one of the most secure ways for a Chinese investor could be understood with the fact that in an ICO pool you’re protected by a smart contract. This smart contract safeguards you from any kind of discrepancies with your investment and it also ensures that you get your share of the tokens acquired from any combined investment you make. This security is not available with any other form of investment as it is more of a word of mouth because investing in ICOs is completely banned in China. Also, there is a lot of fraud happening with all the small to medium investment companies that have come up to lure Chinese investors into investing with them.

One of the most important benefits that you would be getting by investing in registered and legitimate ICO pools are:

  • Security of Funds — The most important benefit of investing with an ICO pool is that your funds are secure and they make it sure that it gets invested in your favorite ICOs and make it to their pre-sale where you get most of the benefits. Also, the transfer of funds is pretty seamless and you don’t have to worry about the bureaucratic hassles involved in making an overseas company and investing through it. That way your returns are not only diminished but your investments are at considerable risk as well.
  • Complete Anonymity — With ICO pools your identity is kept a secret and so you enjoy complete anonymity. This keeps your investment-related information secret and only you know what you’re investing in. This is crucial when your investments could go bad if the government agencies get to know about it.
  • Democratic process — If you are making an investment in an ICO pool which is registered and real you’ll see that the process they follow is completely democratic and you’re not bound to make any investment once you’re a member. Also, the decision as to in which ICOs to invest in is taken via a democratic process and you’re completely free to join or abstain from it or make an investment in your preferred ICO. This flexibility of investments is not available with other means of investing in an ICO.
  • Open group in Telegram- With an open group in telegram welcoming a two-way seamless communication you are free to make suggestions and criticisms of the trading signals or any investment decisions. This makes the whole process and idea transparent. You would not get this level of transparency with any other way in which you would be investing in an ICO.
  • Smart contract — Smart contract is the most important benefit that you would be getting with ICO pools. A registered ICO pool with a registered and approved smart contract protects you and your interests and ensures that you get your share of tokens acquired from an investment. This provides added security to any investor and most importantly it protects you from a possible fraud even remotely.
  • The flexibility of investment — With no constraint of making a mandatory investment, being a member of an ICO pool doesn’t mean that you have to make an investment. Once a member you could take the benefits from the best trading signals and make investments according to your budget. There is no maximum or a minimum mandatory that you have to invest to become a member. This flexibility of investment is what you get only with ICO pools.

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