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How to buy ICO tokens in a pool successfully

Finally, a mini guide that presents how to buy ICO tokens in a pool; while most of the ICOs you want to invest a good deal as a minimum amount to make it to their private sale, as an individual investor it is often not feasible to do the same. But then as you know that most of the benefits come with a private sale you start looking for friends or other investors to make a combined investment hoping to get those benefits. Soon it turns out that finding investors to join you with your idea is not only time-consuming but also not realistic.

Therefore the best option that you could take is to join an ICO pool or an investment pool which is an already existing group of experts and individual investors.

ICO pooling is a smart way for smarter investors

Just as cryptocurrency started as a challenge to popular fiat currencies and the profits they have allowed people to make is not hidden from anybody.

Now when there are challenges which are being created to stop individual and medium investors to make the most from it, there are investment groups that are coming up to make it possible for you. If you’re an investor and have been facing issues investing your funds in ICOs and token sales, the smartest way is to become a member by joining a registered and legitimate investment pool of ICO pool. It not only allows you to invest in popular ICOs but also makes you get the benefits of a private sale irrespective of your budget and other hindrances owing to your geopolitical location.

What is an ICO pool?

An ICO or an Investment ICO pool is a group of investors who come together to make an investment through a smart contract. It allows you to acquire tokens from a private sale in a proportion of your investment. Moreover, with an open discussion group on Telegram, you get access to the best trading signals and could make seamless and secure investments without having to deal with all the other bureaucracy of tax or KYC (read about KYC further below). The best part is that you get the most out of your budget investments as with an ICO pool your investments are enabled to get through the pre-sales where the maximum benefits of investing in an ICO is.

ICO pools are groups or a community of investors and ICO experts who make investments together which otherwise would not be possible for an individual investor. There is an MOU and also a contract between the members which could be fixed or varying depending upon the type of investments. As a community, members not only discuss ICOs and investment opportunities but also share ICO signals and especially those which tend to offer best returns. ICO pools are basically a combined investment platform where combined funds are channeled to generate maximum ROI on a profit-sharing basis.

If you’re a frequent investor or are looking to get the best out of your investments an ICO pool makes it smooth and easy and also diminishes the chances of risks on your investments.

I know you are interested to know more about ICO pools, but let me tell you about the following first; In 2017, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins, in particular, emerged as biggest rivals to traditional investment avenues such as shares and stocks. Moreover, it was not only about the popular alternative currencies but also, there were several ICOs which fetched similar or higher returns. With an average return of over 100% who wouldn’t want to be a part of this profit making and growing industry? But the fact is that with the alternative coins and ICOs getting increasingly popular there has been a tirade of investors not hesitating to invest even in the upcoming and not so popular ICOs let alone the ones most sought after. Hence, for an average investor, it becomes a challenge to channel his investments to get maximized returns and benefits and that’s where ICO pools helps by identifying smarter investment opportunities and making them accessible in the nick of time which is quintessential to get optimum returns.

Why an ICO pool?

The core of guiding principles of any alternative currency or an ICO is anonymity and that it is free from any regulation or control of any banking institution. However, many have been arguing it to be a fake or a bubble currency which they expect would burst soon, the fact is that it has been exactly the opposite.

Those who picked it up in time have been benefiting from their investments in ICOs and it is getting increasingly popular amongst investors and upcoming business enterprises alike. But then as there has been a major shift in investments from traditional stocks, financial instruments and as finance giants are losing their grip on a substantial amount of money, the governments are not very supportive of ICOs in many parts of the world including the United States and China. While investing in an ICO (even through an ICO pool) is getting extremely difficult for a U.S investor, it is completely banned in China altogether. This means that for an average investor in these countries getting the benefits from ICOs is a distant possibility even when they have funds to invest and information where to invest.

Challenges to investing in ICOs

Many ICOs are not even accepting any investment from the US or Chinese citizens (read here why it challenge Chinese investors) and from all such countries where the government is strictly against ICOs.

While ICO as a fundraising process is completely banned in China, in the U.S they are getting extremely strict with KYC (Know your customer). This has made it very difficult for individual investors in the US to make an investment in their favorite ICOs and that means they cannot capitalize on relevant opportunities despite having all that is needed to make a successful investment.

What is KYC and why it makes it difficult for private investors?

In recent months there has been a strike down on ICO investments by the government and to make any legitimate ICO investment KYC is almost mandatory. KYC is an acronym for Know your customer and it is a financial term where the identity of the investor must be disclosed. This completely defies the very idea of cryptocurrency and ICOs and that’s precisely why many ICOs are not even accepting investments from citizens of certain countries. This has led to a near complete exclusion of small and medium investors from these countries to participate in best ICOs and token sale.

Also, the KYC process is so complex that by the time you get through it your investment opportunity already becomes obsolete. There have been numerous cases of people complaining about not being able to invest in their favorite ICOs. This situation is getting worse day by day.

Getting the benefits of a private sale ICO pool

Private sale, White-list sale, and crowd sale — these are the three levels or stages at which one can invest in an ICO amongst which the private sales has the maximum bonuses and guaranteed allocation but is often restricted and open only for those who make huge investments. It is nearly impossible for an individual investor to get the benefits of a private sale of ICO’s which offers best returns. But with ICO pools operating as a community one can easily have these benefits. You would no longer need to make a minimum investment of $25.000 or more to get the benefits of Bonuses that are exclusive to private sales.

Unable to get in the ICO whitelist?

With more and more people from all across the globe trying to make an investment with popular ICOs it is very frequent that your transaction fails or you aren’t able to get whitelisted to be able to make that investment. It is not only a hassle which demotivates you as an investor but it also keeps you away from reaping the benefits with no faults or shortcomings on your part.

With ICO pools, this is no more a challenge as your investment gets through and is guaranteed. Moreover, for investments from certain countries like the U.S.A, Canada, and China it is nearly impossible to get across their investments without an ICO pool.

Efficient ICO pools do not only guarantee that you’re able to make an investment but it also ensures that you make the right investment and are not left out of capitalizing on any opportunity that comes up.

Identifying the best ICO to invest in. How?

Most ICO’s and token sales are time sensitive and therefore it is very important to make the right choice in time. As an individual investor, your resources are limited when it comes to identify and make that decision. Being an active member of an ICO pool allows you to get access to the best opportunities available and within your budget. In an ICO pool, you get secure, proven and reliable trading signals providing you with an upper hand right from the beginning.

ICOpicker ‘ending soon’ ICO pools

ICO pools could increase your returns considerably and could also help you avoid getting into scams and falling prey to frauds that have been mushrooming since lucrative returns have made investors more vulnerable to such traps. But it is equally important to be part of ICO pools which are authentic as identifying a genuine community of proven and trusted investors is equally important.

Smart Contract for secure investments

Once you’re a member of an ICO pool or an investment pool, it is important to know how it actually works. Imagine if you were looking to make a combined investment with your friends or acquaintances you would find it very difficult to come at a binding contract and it would mostly be a word mouth contract. But with ICO pools the members are bound to a smart contract and this not only ensures that every member gets his share of the acquired tokens once a combined investment is made in any ICO presale but also it safeguards an individual investor against any type of potential scam or fraud.

Therefore it is always recommended that you join any investment or ICO pool that has a smart contract and also make sure you read and understand the terms of the contract.

Dedicated admin and management

Professional ICO pools and investment groups have a dedicated admin or a group that manages the functioning of the ICO pool. There is also a nominal fee that a member has to contribute to keeping the group running and that is utilized towards researching and verifying the trading signals, making sure that investments are duly made in ICO private sales, ensuring that members receive the acquired tokens proportionately, and all such activities that make your investment a successful investment.

While everything works in tandem with the smart contract, admins make sure that the members get the most out of the ICO pool.

How to participate in ICO pools?

Before joining or while you’re still looking forward to participate in ICO pools it is important to know which ICO pool to join as there are countless fake investment groups and ICO pools. Once you find the right ICO pool that fits your budget you could simply get on to their website and become a member. But there are few important things that you should be checking as to what benefits you’re entitled to while joining an ICO pool. Have you registered your account at ICOpicker already? If not? Let’s do it today! Simply click here to sign up.

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