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Exclusive: Voyager CEO on Why Crypto Regulation is the Last Step Before Mass Adoption

Voyager aims to be the easiest way to trade cryptocurrency. The crypto brokerage app lets the user simply place an order and allow Voyager to do the rest. The company is connected to more than a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. It uses advanced metrics to find the user the best trade and does not charge a commission.

If price improvement is delivered on a trade, Voyager captures a small spread, which is determined algorithmically. Unlike other models, however, it does not make money simply by virtue of people trading. Their model incentivizes them to find good trades.

Founding CEO Steve Ehrlich has been in capital markets since 1994. His first company sold its institutional business to E-Trade in 1999. At that point, he became involved in electronic trading. “That’s when I started to learn how electronic brokerages and capital markets all worked,” he says in a recent interview with CCN. He says that in 2006, he bought back an online trading division from E-Trade and created Lightspeed Financial, an online brokerage.

Voyager Aims to Offer the Best Possible Trade

Ehrlich sold that company some years later. The crypto boom of 2017 drew Ehrlich in. In the intervening years, he had become acquainted with quantitative and API-driven trading strategies, and he brings that knowledge with him to the crypto world.

I started analyzing the market and the market structure of crypto trading. We sat around a table and looked at the crypto market, and I said, ‘This market looks very much to me like the equities market in the 1990s, when there were multiple ECN’s and ATS’s and there were cross-markets.


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