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Emanate ICO Review


We are so thrilled to share the Emanate ICO review. The entire music industry has been witnessing a wave of new developments as over the past two decades modern and advanced technologies have provided for innovative digital means of accessing, streaming, and promoting music. However, for artists and music creators it hasn’t been easy as they face several pertinent challenges including restricted access to the markets, cross-border differences in royalty collection rights, lack of trust between independent musicians and majors, unfair profit distribution, piracy, and more. The Emanate Project aims at creating an alternative music industry ecosystem capitalizing on the blockchain technology to make it easy for all artists and musicians to promote their work and get rewarded. What makes Emanate even more interesting is that they are not merely addressing a certain particular problem but they are creating a whole new ecosystem powered by native MN8 tokens, the effective currency of the Emanate ecosystem. While the Emanate ICO registration process has already begun, the project has caught our attention and so here’s our detailed Emanate ICO review making a thorough analysis of this intriguing project.

Emanate Is Creating A Decentralized Autonomous Economy For Music Industry

The core idea that drives the Emanate project is bringing the artists and the music creators to the forefront and ensuring that they get fair and quicker compensation for their creativity. The present-day dominating models within the music industry have failed to ensure transparency and have led to diminishing profits and delayed and disproportional payments for artists. Also, with several processes and intermediaries involved, there is a looming threat of unsustainability. With Blockchain technology, the emanate project will eliminate such processes and help create a fully decentralized autonomous economy for music industry which will not only ensure more transparency and improved quality but will also ensure fair and immediate discharge of remunerations for artists.

The Emanate white paper explains: “The concepts behind Emanate were born from the realization of the power of blockchain technology to enable effective collaboration between artists, and what cryptocurrency can do for micropayments between listeners and artists. We started work designing a set of collaboration and monetization tools that would enable a hotbed of collaboration and rapid monetization directly with listeners.”

A One-Stop Audio Exchange Platform


Emanate platform will be developed as a one-stop audio exchange platform that will allow artists to share and promote their music while allowing them to retain all rights to their publications and will facilitate monetization of the music shared on the platform. It will also help with effective collaboration and promotion. To listeners, it would provide high quality and latest audio tracks. With the tokenization of the platform, users will also get an exclusive opportunity to earn MN8 tokens on the platform by participating in a range of activities and contributing to the network. In a nutshell the emanate platform will be that one place one place where a piece of audio can be placed for use on any platform and payment for every play. Responding to what Emanate platform will be like Emanate CEO, Sean Gardener, says “ The revolutionary Emanate platform will be like Like Soundcloud but with micropayment monetization similar to Steemit. You can think of it as Splice but more open and with the power of crypto/blockchain enabling microtransactions and a song-creation data layer.”

Emanate Has Strong Use Cases

The Emanate ecosystem has a strong use case for all listeners and other stakeholders within the music industry like radio stations, record labels, and music creators. For music producers working with several artists the emanate platform will make it easy to manage their portfolio by allowing seamless storage of files and also benefiting from the royalties and earnings through a smart contract with all transactions duly recorded on the blockchain.


For radio stations, it will help them find new artists as the Emanate Platform will host the latest and original tracks from artists all across the globe. Individual artists or music companies can create their profile on the Emanate Platform and share and promote their music to a larger audience. Also, they can publish their work to Spotify, iTunes, soundcloudTM and to other in-venue broadcasters. Most importantly the artists get paid their royalties in real-time without having to wait for months.

The Emanate (MN8) Tokens


The ecosystem will be supported by the MN8 tokens developed on top of the EOS blockchain. The tokens will have a range functions and use across the platform like Artists will need MN8 tokens to publish music for monetization, listeners may require MN8 tokens to consume audio and also Network node holders will need to stake MN8 tokens and may also receive tokens as payment in return for the node operation services. Moreover, the tokens can also be used as payments for a multi-tier subscription for all users.

The Emanate ICO Team

The Team behind Emanate is impressive and particularly experienced and the key members have either categorically handled successful projects or have contributed effectively towards one. Emanate CEO, Sean Gardner, Sean has spent the last 12 years creating digital brand communications and technical platforms for top global brands and agencies. He has launched Augmented Reality projects as early as 2010 and produced Australia’s first branded Virtual Reality experience in 2014. Their CFO, Trent Shaw, has over 14 years experience commercializing digital platforms in the music and entertainment space including years with Sound Alliance, Moshtix, and eBay. Thomas Olsen, contributing as Head Of Music at Emanate, is a Grammy Award-nominated musician, DJ, and producer well known for his ‘Tommy Trash’ project which has taken him to the biggest stages in the world over the last 10 years. Thomas has worked with the likes of Tiesto, Ingrosso, and Digitalism as well as remixing Zedd, Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta and Empire of the Sun.

The Emanate ICO Details

The Entire Emanate ICO starting Q3 of 2018, will be launched in three phases, a strategic private sale, and a token crowdsale event. The private sale is for select institutional investors and music industry business partners only. The registration for the pre-sale is ongoing and users have a follow an e-KYC registration and get whitelisted to participate in the MN8 token sale. The total number of tokens to be created is fixed at 208,000,000. A total of 40 million tokens will be made available during the pre-sale stage and the MN8 tokens can be purchased at $0.1 USD per token.


The ICO main sale or the crowdsale will have a total of 48 million MN8 tokens available for sale and the token price will be $0.12 USD per token, 2% higher than the pre-sale stage.

The hard cap is fixed at $12 MILLION USD and a soft cap is fixed at $5 million USD.

The Emanate platform has a unique emanate sustainability fund and all the unsold tokens will be allocated to this fund.

The allocation details of the proceeds:



  • The Clear Roadmap — The Emanate project has a very effective, well planned and articulate roadmap including a detailed whitepaper making very realistic claims in terms of project development, which clearly reflects the efforts the team has put into making it a successful venture.


  • Strong Use Cases — The problems facing the present-day music industry is well established and with effective use of the blockchain technology, a lot can be solved. By creating an alternative token economy along with a robust platform allowing for sharing and promoting music Emanate can be a powerful mechanism disrupting the existing models and thus creating a space for themselves in the multi-billion dollars industry.
  • The MN8 tokens have a defined use on the platform and have all potentials to generate value for users as the project develops its Beta platform.
  • Impressive Team — The lot behind Emanate are professionals with an impressive track record of handling successful projects in the past. The collaborative and cumulative efforts of such experts can very positively lead to another successful project and their clarity in their disposition so far is a very strong indicator of the same.


Stiff Competitions — With evolving technologies, there have been several attempts to create an ecosystem that addresses the same core problems like those the Emanate aims to solve. While with blockchain technology Emanate has a certain edge over others it will still be competing against many other projects with similar ideas.

Extensive Marketing — The project will have to focus on an extensive and targeted marketing strategy. On a positive note to address this challenge, the Emanate team has already started getting into partnerships.

The Verdict

While there has been organized attempts to address the problems facing artists and music industry on the whole, Emanate is pioneering the idea of creating an alternative economic model catering to the music industry using the advanced EOS blockchain technology. The project has reported steady development and the detailed proposed solutions seem convincing and very much realistic both in terms of addressing the issues, and scalability. The defined revenue streams coupled with very strong use cases make Emanate a project that is bound to catch your attention, and more so if you’re a musician, a music producer, or a music lover.

Visit the Emanate website: https://emanate.live/