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Best ICO to Invest in 2019 - Initial Coin Offering
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How to find the best ICO to invest in 2019? 2017 has been a year of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). However, it had a drawback in 2018 because of scams, frauds and legal issues. In 2019, ICOs are again regaining its popularity. The number of ICOs are increasing as it smashes the total ICO investment in the previous years. This year promises to rocket the digital cryptocurrency market with the increasing number of ICOs and the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in place.

The ICOs and IEOs have caught the interest of many investors and development teams. Investing in an ICO can be risky. Thus you need to conduct proper research to ensure that you are putting your investment to an ICO that has the potential to succeed. Also, so you won’t be a victim of ICO fraud and scam.

best ICO to invest in 2019

How to choose the top ICO to invest in 2019

Selecting the best ICO to invest in right now may not be easy especially for new investors. However, by performing your due diligence, you can make sure that you are putting your investment into a best ICO and IEO projects. Although the ICO and IEO are two different approaches of fundraising, you must still be aware of how you can choose the best ICO and best IEO to invest in 2019.

To give an overview, the ICO and IEO are both fundraising mechanism for startups to support their project. The ICO’s counterparty is the development team while the IEO’s counterparty is the exchange. For an ICO, the investor must perform its due diligence to determine if the project has a potential, if it’s bound to fail, or if it is a scam. Whereas, in an IEO, the exchange performs due diligence since their reputation is at stake when launching an IEO on their platform.

Project Ideas
What is the idea behind the project? First and foremost, the idea is an essential part of an ICO project. It should solve the problems of people as well as businesses, which probably will also be interested in an investment. What is the potential of the project? Naturally, if the idea is fresh, it may pop out. If not, some ICO with the same idea probably have already failed, and the new ones definitely will fail as well.

The website
Is the website secure and easy to use? Take a look at the site. A qualitative ICO website will be bespoke. It must be hosted on a reliable hosting (look for https protocol) and must have all required information just within a few clicks. Therefore, the website of the ICO must be user-friendly.
The top ICO website in 2019 should contain essential information such as the team behind the project, its roadmap (the more realistic, the better), link to a well designed white paper, with unique text. If you run it through a text analysis tools and find a copy-paste — the project is one step closer to scam.

Development team
Who are the people behind the project? Before you buy an ICO token or ICO coin, you must know the founding team of the ICO. For an ICO to be successful, it must have a strong team and experienced team members.

All ICOs have a whitepaper which contains all information about the project, so make sure to read it. The white paper usually has 20 to 40 well-designed pages. This where you can find what the project’s about, what are the problems it is trying to resolve, the founding team, the technical details, and the token information.

ICO roadmap is one of the essential information you need to read and understand. This details should be available on the ICO whitepaper or the ICO’s website. Please take a look at the roadmap. It must contain the details on what the startup company has completed and what are its plans. It must have a timeline of its milestones. Take note that the roadmap must be realistic.

As almost any blockchain-based product, ICO should be completely transparent. One should easily view the ICO smart contract source code and address to recheck all the movements on the crowdsale wallet and detect possible fraud. Viewing the source code will also help to see token vesting for the team members for half a year or even more. Unlike the regular investors, who will receive their ICO tokens right away, good teams lock theirs for some time as an insurance of their real work on the project at least for the sake of keeping the token exchange rates high to the moment they will be able to change tokens to actual money.

ICO Reviews
Before investing, check out the reviews and feedback of users about the project. Not to mention, reviews are essential to determine whether or not the ICO has a future in the crypto market. Take a look at crypto forums and check out what are the insights of the users.

ICO Ratings
The ICO ratings can help investors make an informed decision whether the ICO or IEO is worth investing. In ICOpicker, users can rate the potential of the ICO. Also, only ICOpicker is the first and only ICO platform wherein the selection, grading and analysis of each ICO is generated through crowdsourcing.

Top Countries with Highest ICO Funds in 2018

Having proper knowledge on how to buy tokens in ICO, you can ensure that your investment is put into something valuable. Let’s take a look on the top countries which has raised the highest ICO funds in 2018.

RankCountryFunds Raised
1Singapore$ 1.534 Billion
2United States$ 1.222 Billion
3United Kingdom$ 938 Million
4Cayman Islands$ 881 Million
5Switzerland$ 633 Million
6British Virgin Islands$ 633 Million
7Estonia$ 610 Million
8Hong Kong$493 Million
9Gibraltar$ 304 Million
10Lithuania$ 258 Million

Guide Questions on How to Choose the Best IEO Platform in 2019

Your success in the IEO depends on what exchange platform you’ve used. As mentioned above, the exchange already did due diligence before an IEO can launch on their exchange platform.

Before you register to a trading platform, consider first the following questions:

Where is the exchange located?
The location of the exchange is crucial since the laws and regulations of crypto exchanges vary from country to country. Also, these laws may change dramatically. Thus, it is advisable to choose an exchange in your own country.

Is the exchange platform easy to use?
The IEO platform should be user-friendly. The dashboard or the user interface must be easy to navigate and understand.

How secure is the exchange?
Security should be one of the priorities of the exchange. Determine the security of the platform. Make sure that it uses a high level of protection. Check their website. The website must be using the https protocol which means it is using a secured connection. Don’t consider exchanges which uses only http.

Make sure that it has a secure login and two-step verification.

How quickly will you receive your currency?
Exchange rates should be set automatically to prevent any complaints from users.

How much is the exchange fee?
Exchanges have different exchange fees so check out if the fee is reasonable and not overpriced compared to the fees of other exchanges.

What modes of payment are accepted?
The IEO platform must be able to take various cryptocurrencies, credit card, and debit card for a smoother transaction. This is very important especially if you are trading multiple currencies. Also, this will ensure that the modes of payment will be convenient for you.

Are your identify information secured?
Ensure that the exchange strictly follows the KYC and AML laws in your country.

Does the exchange have a good reputation?
Check out others’ feedback and reviews about the exchange and make sure it has a good reputation.

IEOs Concentration Based on Countries

The table below shows the IEOs concentration according to their countries based on the data from ICObench.

RankCountryNumber of projectsFunds Raised
1Hong Kong4$ 65.7 Million
2Singapore11$ 58.8 Million
3Other17$ 48.8 Million
4Korea8$ 31.8 Million
5Estonia7$ 28.7 Million
6USA6$ 25.8 Million
7Cayman Islands3$ 6.4 Million
8UAE2$ 0
9UK3$ 0

Latest News on IEO

This is the latest update on IEO as of the writing.

  • Bibox – On April 22, Bibox launched its IEO platform known as Bibox Orbit. It aims to excavate and boost the launch and development of high-quality decentralized projects.
  • – Gate is raising funds to finance its project through the distribution of Gatechain Tokens (GT). Although there is no token yet, they are offering POINTs which can be exchanged to GT to utmost 2.5:1.
  • IDAX – Users of IDAX ( can participate in the AliensCoin (ALS) project’s token sale. The AlienCloud created a platform for traders, investors, and miners. The functionality of the AlienCloud includes crypto exchange, IEO launchpad, Cloud mining, mobile applications, contests for traders, crypto indexes (beta), and payment from bank cards.
  • Binance – According to Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, that although IEOs can benefit from the exchange doing the due diligence, the issue with regulatory compliance will still be there for both IEO and ICO.
  • Bittrex – Bittrex has canceled its first token sale which they planned to be hosted by their Malta-based counterpart on March 15. The IEO of RAID project was canceled after OP.GG, a gaming analytics company terminated their partnership with South Korea’s RAID.


2019 has only started, with even more ICOs wanting to raise funds for their projects. The best ICO to invest in 2019 depends on your interest in the ICO and IEO project. However, make sure to perform your due diligence before you start investing. Don’t forget, only invest in what you can afford to lose since the future of any investment is unpredictable

ICOpicker will soon release its list of the best ICO to invest in 2019. Make sure you sign up to get up-to-date information on what is going on in the crypto industry.

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