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Asserting Assets: Fidelity Investments to launch its Bitcoin custody service

Fidelity Investments, a financial services giant, is looking at unveiling a Bitcoin custody service in March 2019. The company already announced its intention and innovative ways to create Fidelity Digital Assets, a custody service for Bitcoins that shall offer custody solutions to corporate investors.

The financial services giant also confirmed that it would utilize Bitcoins – which comprises more than 50 percent of the entire cryptocurrency market – to be its first virtual currency for the Digital Assets projects.

Fidelity Investments has proven its track record in the digital financial field through its financial services that catered to a collective worth of $7.2 million assets by its clients. They are also processing at least 1.3 million trades daily. Hence, Fidelity Digital Assets is created to provide Blockchain Technology-based asset management for digital enterprises.

Since it will be more secure for cryptocurrency investors and traders, it will be a high-time that Bitcoin users will increase. The platform can be an instrument to forego Bitcoin issues that influenced its downturn in the past years. The more users there is for the said cryptocurrency, the better its movement will be in the digital financial market; therefore, its market capitalization will increase as well.

With such security and protection being offered through Fidelity Digital Assets, it is said that many more people would consider trading and owning Bitcoin. Retailers and other merchants will be more enticed to join and utilized the Blockchain Technology because of another upright arm they can rely on in terms of liquidation.

Fidelity Digital Assets

Fidelity Digital Assets is a full-service initiative platform that is set for trading, securing, and servicing investments in the form of digital assets. It offers custody or offline and vaulted deep-cold storage, a venue for trade capabilities, with 24/7 client support.

Fidelity Digital Assets is basically a caretaker of any digital investments made in the Blockchain technology market. It handles stocks, bonds, and other digital assets to deliver secure, dependable, and submissive system for the emerging class of assets.

Enterprises or business in the platform would have needed assistance for their assets’ liquidity. The platform secures digital assets and materials that go in and out of its client, making it for the registered enterprise to easily liquidate and manage the said liquidation in case of need and for annual requirements.

Digital custody assets and its review are paramount to any business’ performance and for their clients’ reference and security. The more a firm showcases that it can work through the assets without any problems and issues, the more it can gain trust from its clients, potential ones, and in the entire market.

In recent years, digital assets have gone through different challenges in securing their private keys and other data is stored. Fidelity Digital Assets is willing to address this through their innovative system that will ensure the protection of data and other assets.

Fidelity Investments can impact the industry through these offerings as self-custody and self-managed hardware are not feasible and advisable for any institution. It gives more worry and issues in liquidation if the company chooses to manage its own assets. Thus, it can lead to another wrinkle in the industry that would be difficult to iron out.

Financial Digital Assets aims to progress in protecting and securing assets relied on them. Thus, investors and any of their works are critical factors to market progression, hence the reason why it needs protection. The platform will also answer to innovation needs of the digital financial markets and address custodial-related dilemmas in the said field.

This March, Financial Investments is set to launch one of the significant innovations in the digital asset space. It subject to empower value transfer, financial transactions security, and protection, as well as safer and more robust protocols.